It’s World Chocolate Day And We Say It’s Time To Indulge In Some Delish Chocolate-Inspired Nail Art!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
It’s World Chocolate Day and we say it’s time to indulge in some delish chocolate-inspired nail art!

While we obviously don’t need a ‘special’ day to binge on chocolates, let’s take this day to celebrate the biggest boon in our lives—CHOCOLATE! What would we do without you dear chocolate?!

The benefits of munching on chocolates are more than you can imagine! From preventing cancer and reducing the likelihood of a heart attack to preventing skin breakouts and making you live longer; there are enough and more reasons to binge on chocolates?

To commemorate World Chocolate Day today, we say you must share some chocolate love with your nails by giving them a chic chocolate-y upgrade! Here’s all the inspiration you need...



Love me some white chocolate

From the candy heart-inspired ‘Love’ to the decadent little donuts, these nails have us drooling!



Love me some white chocolate

‘Melted’ chocolate and the candy-inspired pastel colours actually look delicious enough to eat.


Chocolate heaven

Love me some white chocolate

This nail art is for all you M&M addicts out there! From those cute little button-shaped 3D M&Ms to candies and chocolate bars, these nails are like wearing a chocolate heaven on your fingertips.



Love me some white chocolate

Nothing screams delicious like dripping chocolate! All you need is just two nail colours in different shades of brown—nude and dark brown—to ace these chocolate nails. And they’ll look totally edible!

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It’s a treat

Love me some white chocolate

Nails that scream chocolate are the best! These nails are dipped and drizzled in the most beautifully detailed way possible. From that hot chocolate mug to the chocolate bar, what’s not to love about this delectable design?


Love me some white chocolate

Love me some white chocolate

White chocolate lovers, rejoice! Yes, there’s nail art inspiration for you too. This design combines both muted yet ornate details with sprinkles for the perfect finish.

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