Achieving that perfect eye makeup look takes more than just randomly picking up a palette and applying the colours on your lids. Apart from some killer blending skills, you also need to have the right kind of eyeshadows to recreate pro-level eye makeup looks.

But the sheer number of eyeshadow textures and formulations available in the market can be totally intimidating for the best of us. So, before you decide to chicken out and give up on levelling up your eye makeup game, allow us to help. Just in time for your festive makeup shopping, here’s a list of the most commonly available eyeshadow formulas to help you pick exactly what you need…


1. Powder eyeshadows

Powder eyeshadows

This is perhaps the most common type of eyeshadow available in the market. The finely milled powder is pressed into the pan and then placed in palettes or sold as singles. Perfect for an eye makeup newbie, powder eyeshadows are really simple to apply and blend. Available in different types of textures and finishes such as matte, shimmery and satin, powder eyeshadows are perfect to create a variety of eye makeup looks even if you are an absolute eye makeup noob.

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2. Cream eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow has a soft, creamy texture and are perfect for girls with dry skin. Super long-lasting, cream eyeshadows are known to deliver an intense colour payoff and are perfect for creating dramatic eye makeup looks. Additionally, the creamy texture is super blendable, which means just a little bit of this product goes a long way. But if you have oily lids, then always apply an eye primer first to prevent a mess.


3. Eyeshadow pigments

Eyeshadow pigments

Eyeshadow pigments are loose powdered eyeshadows that come in a jar or bottle. This type of eyeshadows look really intense on the application and can be a little difficult to blend. Therefore, it is better to avoid using this type of eyeshadow if you are a makeup noob. To apply it, take a very tiny amount of the pigment on a packed eyeshadow brush and apply it onto your eyelid. Leave it as it is, or blend it out with an eyeshadow blending brush for a softer look.


4. Liquid eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadow

Mostly seen in metallic and shimmery finishes, liquid eyeshadows offer similar results as eyeshadow pigments, without the mess. The built-in wand applicator delivers precise application and the intense colour payoff looks super dramatic. Just like liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeshadows hold onto your skin a lot better, thereby making them very long-lasting. But if you have dry or mature skin, it could enhance skin imperfections and settle into the lines and creases.

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