Emily In Paris: Best French-Girl Beauty Tips We Picked Up From The Show

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Emily in Paris: Best French-girl beauty tips we picked up from the show

They are not so flamboyant, the French! When it comes to classic French-girl beauty, the focus lies on clean, healthy skin and a touch of makeup essentials to enhance this beauty. Which is why, French ‘IT’ girls gracing the FROW during fashion weeks are seen in nothing but gorgeous flowing hair, a bold red lip and a hint of highlighter on their cheekbones. This aspect is evident in the new Netflix series Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins. While the premise is based on an American woman moving to Paris to work with a French marketing firm, her styling and makeup are deeply inspired by the fashion sensibilities of the city it is based in.

While the show is definitely a treat for both fashion and rom-com lovers; it is the glam moments that we want to talk about. Especially because of how accurately the styling team managed to capture the essence of a 20-something woman experiencing life and its challenges in the most romantic city in the world. Here are some of the French-girl makeup lessons we picked from Emily in Paris…


1. The bold lip is a real mood

Mascara and brows that are visible from the end of the room

Image courtesy: @aureliepayenmakeup

Lily Collins herself is a fan of the bold lip, which is why she managed to pull it off so effortlessly. A bold, creamy lip — whether it is red or berry toned — always look stunning, especially if you’re keeping the rest of your face minimal. Plus, it makes you look more awake.

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2. Less is more when it comes to makeup

Mascara and brows that are visible from the end of the room

Image courtesy: @emilyinparis

French women like to keep their base makeup minimal and natural-looking. There is a reason why French pharmacies are considered a heaven for beauty lovers — they have the best skin care products. And if you splurged so much on skincare, you would want it to show.

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3. Go for a flushed blush

Mascara and brows that are visible from the end of the room

Image courtesy: @emilyinparis

A hint of blush on the apple of your cheeks is all you need to look youthful and fresh-faced. French women love using blush to accentuate their gorgeous skin. A hint of blush will instantly add colour and brighten up your face.

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4. Mascara and brows that are visible from the end of the room

Mascara and brows that are visible from the end of the room

Image courtesy: @emilyinparis

When you are asked to keep your complexion matte, opt for sheer coverage and go for the subtlest blush — there has to be a way to balance that bold lip! For the French, it means bold lashes and brows. And by that, we mean mascara and eyebrow makeup that so statements, it is visible from the far corner of the room!

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Main image courtesy: @netflix_in


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