Half-Dipped Nails Are The Latest Manicure Trend Dominating Instagram

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Half-dipped nails are the latest manicure trend dominating Instagram

While we love all nail trends equally (except for drilled-in accessories; never got behind that idea), some become an instant favourite. And if we are being totally honest, it is not the elaborate or artsy nail trend that charms us but the chic, DIY styles that have our heart. Unfortunately for nail art lovers, most of the trends that do get hot can only be recreated by professional manicurists. At least if you want to have a good job done on them.

This is why the nail art trends that can be recreated at home with basic tools and skill sets are on a whole other level, for us. And the latest trendy nail style, half-dipped nails, is just that, and so much more!

half dipped nail art trend

Image courtesy: @the.galactic.mermaid

For starters, the best way to explain the half-dipped nail trend is to imagine you dipping your hand in an open container of nail polish, but only enough to cover half of your nails with colour. The rest are either nicely buffed and left bare or coated with clear gel polish (you can even use blush pink as a base, but we like how chic the clear ones look). The line that divides the colour from the clear base is sharp and straight. The idea behind this minimalist manicure trend is to amp up your regular nail polish without having to do a lot of work. Half-dipped nails will also grow out into colourful French tips — if you can manage to go weeks without chipping your colour that is.

half dipped nail art trend

Image courtesy: @thisislaurendavis

All you need to recreate this manicure is nail polish(es) and a tape. Tape-off the bottom portion that will be clear and go in with your choice of colour or design on the rest. You can either use a single colour or multiple colours to mix and match. Some manicure styles are also using the half-dipped design for a single accent finger — this trend is totally versatile. It is flattering to all nail shapes and lengths so you can go ahead and try it for yourself. Just make sure to wait for the colour coat to completely dry before you take the tape off.

Main image courtesy: @getnailedbristol

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