The girls that get it, get it and the girls that don’t…we’re here to tell them all about the world of HD brows - the one we oh so love and desire! After immersing our interests in every brow department, threading, waxing and microblading, there’s something special about HD brows. Yes, even after trying out the innumerable maintenance products, pencils, pomades, gels and even glue (yes, that exists), there is no magician and look-enhancer like HD eyebrows! So, let’s deep dive and tell you all about it.  

HD Brows Treatment - The Basics  

hd brows woman brow shape threading

If your brows are sparse and have loads of breathing gaps, you can give that fuller look and get them in shape by going in for the HD  brows treatment; super popular in the UK. Transforming the appearance of your brows, this long-lasting procedure has four major steps - waxing, tinting, threading and tweezing and careful finishing. After all, all HD brows artists are trained perfectionists.   

If you’re wondering and thinking you don’t have all day to treat your brows, worry not - the whole appointment usually takes nothing more than 45 minutes. First you’ll have a consultation where the Brow Stylist will inform you about the details of your brows - after all, the magic lies in the deets; the shape, the colour and how you want them to look! Tbh, I love that arched look. This session also creates the space for you to chat about all brow issues - the sparse areas, shape probs, growth setbacks and whatever your girlfriends never understood. And once done, they can advise on what’s next. 

If you are looking for thicker brows, it might be that you and your Brow Stylist decide on a regrowth programme. If the eyebrows are over plucked, you'll work with them to target growth in certain areas and you'll be shown how to fill them in properly in between appointments. If you're on this programme, the brow expert will probably encourage you to use the lash and brow booster which promotes hair growth. Whatever your issue is, this expert will direct you in the right direction!  

What are HD brows? 

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Breaking up the HD brows process for you, here’s how it goes post consultation: 


Everything is customised, unlike the regular brow dye, the HD brow journey cares for the smaller things. Which is why, your stylist will custom-blend a bespoke HD Brow dye to complement your skin tone, hair tone and overall style. Once out with the right hue, they’ll apply it to your brows and allow it to absorb for a few minutes…until the magic showcases itself. 

Trimming, waxing, tweezing and threading 

Once the colour is in place, the shaping will get into picture. Which is, your brow artist will use a combo of the trimming, waxing, tweezing and threading to give you a great brow shape; one that complements the shape of your face. At the end of it, who doesn’t love such unmatched precision? And speaking from personal experience, once those baby hair leave your face - you’d look better in a way you didn’t even know! 

Finishing and makeup lesson 

Once done, viola, you’re all set to flaunt your new brows to the world. However, to ensure it looks HD and it's best at all times, your makeup artist will give you a mini makeup lesson, with some great products so as to ensure your brows look A1 at all times. If you’re on the hunt to add a brow favourite to your makeup arsenal, we vouch for Lakmé’s Eyebrow Pencil. Giving you that perfectly chiselled brow look, this pencil smoothly breathes life into the framers of your face.  

FAQs about HD Brows, what it is and what to Expect  

hd brows FAQ

Q1 How long do HD brows last? 

You can enjoy your HD brows for a total of 6 weeks, afterwhich, to maintain their beauty you can book yourself another session. 

Q2 How long does the brow tint stay on for? 

The brow tint is permanent and to ensure it doesn’t annoy your skin, you can ask for a patch test 48 hours beforehand. 

Q3 Does the HD brows process hurt? 

The waxing and tweezing can hurt a little bit. However, if your pain tolerance is low, the experts are always willing to use numbing cream to better the process for you.