Here's A Smokey Eye Hack Even Novices Can Get Behind

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
Here's a smokey eye hack even novices can get behind

Remember how we were scrambling to investigate the legitimacy of TikTok's frozen beauty blender hack by popping one of our standard blenders in the freezer for a bit and proceeding to blend our makeup with the stone-cold tool? Yup. There's another hack involving this egg-shaped sponge. And we're, once again, rushing to put it to the test. Let's dive right in.


Another hack with a blender? What does it involve this time?

And talking about eyeshadow…

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Have you ever struggled with blending your eyeshadow? Or just not had the time to retrieve your brushes and *dab, dab, dab* at your lids until the colours have melted into each other seamlessly? We've got you.

This new hack, popularised by 'glamwithsuzan' on the platform, shows you how to apply eyeshadow to achieve a smokey-eyed look with the employment of one tool: a beauty blender.

The hack fetches effective results when used with a smaller-sized sponge. All you have to do is dip the side of your blender into two matte-textured colours of your choice and press the tool against your lid in the area you'd like to position your eyeshadow.

Proceed to dip the blender into a glittery eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners as well as the centre of your eyes. And that's it! Sure, you might not perfect the hack in one go; you can keep at your disposal a blending brush to smooth out any rough edges. That's how you recreate an expert-like smokey-eyed look with a few dabs on the lids!


And talking about eyeshadow…

And talking about eyeshadow…

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You need a trusty eyeshadow palette in your arsenal to replicate all the stunning eye makeup looks you’ve saved on the ‘gram. The Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Berry Martini comes with 12 pretty shades that are a mix of intense mattes and striking shimmers that let you create spotlight-worthy looks. Sweep on a single shade of shimmer for an understated look or go all out and create a cut-crease—whatever you choose, you’re bound to impress. And because the collection contains matte tones and glitters, you don't have to assemble different palettes to put this hack to the test. Convenient, no?

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