Minimal, Bronze Or Glossy, Own Earth Day With These Makeup Tips

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Minimal, bronze or glossy, own Earth Day with these makeup tips

Today is Earth Day and it immediately makes you think bare skin, sun-kissed makeup and tones that are in the tune of olives, terracotta and all shades of aqua. We have been seeing a lot of the single eyeshadow trend and it is perfect for pulling off a look that is perfect for Earth Day. Minimalist skin pairs perfectly with this look and what better day to pick up a few tips that will help you ace the Earth Goddess look than today!


It all starts with the skin

Make sure you gloss it up

Pro tip: Start by prepping your skin with serum and then moisturiser. After the moisturiser, for a hint of gloss, dab a light facial oil. You can skip the foundation and instead dab concealer on the spots that need a bit of coverage and blend.


Pay attention to the colour palette

Make sure you gloss it up

Pro tip: Staying in the range of browns, beiges and dusty terracotta shades will help you ace that Earth look. Dab a little highlighter on the inner corner of your eye and tightline with a nude eye pencil to subtly draw attention to the eyes.


Know what colours to pair

Make sure you gloss it up

Pro tip: Nearly all Earth tones pair well with each other. For instance, how gorgeous does walnut brown look with olive green? Make sure, whatever colours you pick, you blend them seamlessly


Bronzer is your best friend

Make sure you gloss it up

Pro tip: When you want to ace an Earthy look, it is important to know where to use the bronzer to get that sun-kissed look. Trace a shape ‘3’ starting at the temples, grazing your cheekbones and then ending just below your jaw line. This gives you a natural looking bronzed, Earthy look.


Make sure you gloss it up

Make sure you gloss it up

Pro tip: If you want to skip the bronzer and go the glossy way, know where to apply it. Did you know you can use Vaseline Pure Skin Jelly for that ultra-glossy effect? Swipe it on your lids and the top of your cheekbones for an instant glass skin effect.

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