First Came Chocolate Hair, Now Comes Chocolate Eyes!

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
First came chocolate hair, now comes chocolate eyes!

If you have your ear to the ground, then you will know that chocolate hair is sweeping through the beauty world. Lovely hues of every chocolate shade imaginable are being seen on celebrity hair and mere mortals’ alike. The popularity is due to how easy it is to carry off browns on all hair colours and it also suits most skin tones.

We are just coming back from getting our hair coloured, and we are still high on chocolate (hair colour, that is), and thought why not create some chocolatey brown eye makeup looks to go with our freshly coloured hair!


Soft brown wings

Brown eye makeup

For this look, use a flat eyeshadow brush and brown eyeshadow. This look is a very soft, diffused one, so skip using a liquid liner or pencil. Dip the brush in the brown eyeshadow and apply along both upper and lower lash line and extend it to a wing along the outer corner. Finish with mascara.

Try: Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette - Nude Beach and Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara


Smokey but soft

Brown eye makeup

Pairing a soft brown smokey eye with your chocolate hair is a genius way to tie your look together. A brown smokey eye is a good alternative to the classic black and can be done for a sultry day look.

Start by prepping your eye lid with an eyeshadow primer and sweep a base coat of brown eyeshadow all across the upper eye lid. Stop blending the eyeshadow at the crease, to create depth in the eye. Line your eyes with a black kohl pencil to intensify the look. Finish with mascara.

Try: Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – French Rose, Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal and Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara

Brown eye makeup

The easiest way to include brown in your eye makeup is to use an eye liner in the shade. An eye pencil or even a liquid liner will do the trick! Don’t forget the mascara!

Try: Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal in Classic Brown and Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara

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