We’ve been crushing over Disha Patani’s flawless skin and lustrous locks for as long as we can remember. With skin like that, it’s no surprise that the stunning actress likes to keep her makeup minimal.

In her recent YoutTube video, the leggy lass walked us through all the steps of her every day dewy makeup look and also let us in on the secrets to her envious glow. Her beauty routine is super simple to follow and perfect for days when you’re running late, and need to look put together instantly.

Here’s a complete breakdown of Disha’s everyday dewy makeup look. Check it out.

disha patani

Step #01: Skin prep — Considering Disha’s spotless and clear skin, we weren’t surprised to see the actress focus more on skincare and prep rather than coverage. After applying her favourite moisturiser and sunscreen, she went in with a hydrating primer for a healthy glow, which she simply applied with her fingers. Disha then went ahead and applied another glow-inducing primer over the high points of her face.

Step #02: Base — Disha decided to skip the foundation entirely and instead, used a concealer to cover up the imperfections. She took a pea-sized amount of a creamy, medium-coverage concealer, applied it over her under-eye area and gently blended it outwards. She also applied some concealer on her eyelids to give her eyeshadow some base and then moved on to cover other problem areas on her face.

Step #03: Eyes – Disha starts by sweeping on a shimmery copper eyeshadow all over her lids to add some depth to the eyes. She then applied some shimmery golden eyeshadow to her inner eye corner and topped it off with a glittery rose gold eyeshadow topper, which she applied only on the centre of her eyes. She then coated her lashes with mascara and revealed that it’s the most essential step in her makeup routine. She finished off her eye makeup by filling in her naturally bushy eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

Step #04: Cheeks – Next, Disha added some warmth to her complexion by applying a creamy bronzer to her cheekbones, which she followed up with a creamy blush for a flushed look. She then used a cream-based highlighter on the high points of her face before setting her undereye area and T-zone with a loose setting powder.

Step #05: Lips – The actress applied a peachy-orangy liquid lipstick right to the centre of her lips before gently patting it outwards with her finger. She topped it off with a lip glow oil to give for a luscious-looking pout.

We are in love with how simple and quick this makeup look is, and we definitely can’t wait to recreate it!