Here's How To Fix A Broken Makeup Palette At Home

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Here's how to fix a broken makeup palette at home

We're just going to say it –– a broken makeup palette is worse than a broken heart. Every makeup lover's been there before. You reach for an expensive eyeshadow palette that you spent a good amount of money on, it slips, and bam! End of story. You pause for a split second, hope that there's some scope for salvation, but no luck. Losing a dearly beloved makeup palette isn't exactly the end of the world, but honestly, it sure feels like it.

But don't worry – you don't need to hold a funeral for your palette while ugly-crying just yet. There's a way to salvage your broken palette, and it involves a way that doesn't require you to break the bank. Ahead, we're letting you in on how to fix your broken makeup palettes at home.


Step 01: Dump the powder

Step 05: Finishing steps

First up, you have to take all the powder from your palette –– whether it's an eyeshadow one or a contour one –– and place it into different containers according to the colour. That means all the powder of the brown eyeshadow goes in one container, the pink goes in another, and so on. Once you've added the loose powders, use a spoon to crush up any chunks that may have formed.


Step 02: Add rubbing alcohol

Step 05: Finishing steps

No, not to mask the pain of losing a palette! Add rubbing alcohol to the containers since alcohol helps with rebinding the powder. Plus, it's extremely pure, so it won't alter the makeup and has a high evaporation rate, so it dries out, and the makeup can be used quickly again. Also, if you have no traces of alcohol at home, use something that's become a staple in all our homes –– the sanitiser, of course! But make sure it's one without any scents or unnecessary additives.


Step 03: Mix it all together

Step 05: Finishing steps

Once you've added the rubbing alcohol — 1-2 tablespoons should be enough for blush, so see what works for you –– mix it all until it forms a creamy consistency. It's totally fine if you use too much alcohol — you'll just have to wait longer for it to dry. Once you're done with the mixing, scrape the liquid back into the palette. Tap the palette so that it all lands smoothly and no air bubbles form.


Step 04: The waiting game

Step 05: Finishing steps

Is it just us, or is waiting the worst part for you too? Waiting for the product to dry could take a couple of hours, but you need to monitor it, because surprise surprise, there's another step you have to follow before it dries completely.


Step 05: Finishing steps

Step 05: Finishing steps

Make sure you do this when the product is mostly dry but still a little damp! Take a piece of fabric or tissue, place it over the product, and lightly pat it to pick up any excess alcohol. Leave it on top of the product, and take a flat surface –– like a book –– and place it on top of the tissue. Press it down gently since it'll help soak up any remaining alcohol. And voilà! It'll be like your palette was never destroyed at all.

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