Coloured eye liners are a fun way to add interest to your look. If you have stuck to your brown and black liner faithfully for the last so many years, we urge you to be a little… unfaithful! What we mean is, take a dip into the latest makeup trend that is catching every celebrity’s fancy.

Don’t believe us? Wait till you see the pictures from the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, from Hina Khan to Deepika Padukone, everybody wore coloured eye liner! We added a few more celebrity images, both from Hollywood and Bollywood just to convince you!

Cocktail of colours at Cannes

We love the coral eye liner on Deepika Padukone at Cannes. Remember less is more when you are wearing coloured liners, so stick to muted colours on your lips and cheeks so the colours won’t clash!

Cocktail of colours at Cannes

Sophie Turner turned up in white eye liner and it is such a breath of fresh air! Mix white and black eye liners to create a contrast as Sophie has done. Draw a black liner and top that with a white liner to create the look. Finish with loads of mascara!

Cocktail of colours at Cannes

If it is good enough for Rihanna, it’s good enough for us! Pastel eye liners are ‘in’ and we urge you to try these fun, bold colours! Rules are meant to be broken, right? So mix colours and create your own cocktail of colours on your eyes!

Cocktail of colours at Cannes

Yellow is such an underused colour in the makeup world, but we are happy it is getting its due recognition now. It is great to use as an inner corner highlight, as Camila Mendes has. Mix it with contrasting colours to get your own customised look! For the eye liner to pop, use a neutral eyeshadow base or primer before you apply your coloured eye liner!

Cocktail of colours at Cannes

Hina Khan made an impressive debut on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, and instantly gave us major makeup goals with her coloured eye liners. For the grey, embellished gown, she wore a matching grey eye liner and for her lavender outfit, she wore a pale lavender liner.

Tip # 1: Water or makeup setting spray combined with a flat, angled brush can turn any eyeshadow into an eye liner. All those unused eyeshadow palettes can be utilised into being eye liners!

Tip # 2: Use eye liner colours that pair well with the colour of your eyes for maximum impact. For instance:

If you have blue eyes – use gold, copper or blue eye liners

If you have green eyes – use colours with red undertones like maroon, burgundy, bronze and rust

If you have brown eyes – use colours like blues, coppers and plum shades

Image courtesy: Instagram