Slowly and surely Kiara Advani has cemented her place as a beauty icon with one gorgeous look after another. Everything she does is in perfect harmony with the image she has of being a classic and elegant beauty. Her dewy skin, simple makeup and cascading waves are trademark Kiara and we have seen it time and again on major magazine covers (and loved it each time!).

The latest look is on the cover of Femina Wedding Times and we love the eccentric Bobo Calcutta dress and the statement jewels. It is an eclectic look that merges ethnic and contemporary and we pick it apart and tell you what we love about it.


Kiara Advani on the cover of Femina Wedding Times

Kiara Advani on the cover of Femina Wedding Times

Makeup artist Tenzin Kyizom has created a beautiful look that is true to the actor’s personality. Berry lips, ultra-glossy eyes and loose wavy hair is the stuff of beauty heaven! Glossy eyes is one of the biggest trends right now and if you have ever wondered how to get that still-water look on your eyes, here is how you do it!

  • Start with priming your eye lids. This will make whatever colour you choose pop and will make it stay for longer.
  • Apply a metallic or shimmery eyeshadow all over your eye lid. Stay away from glitter, stick to finely milled shimmery pigments.
  • Next, apply a clear gloss over the shimmery/metallic eyeshadow. Pro tip: you can use lip balm, Petroleum Jelly or even clear lip gloss over your eye.
  • Note: Apply your glossy product on the lid and just above the crease. Leave a break on the crease and let it stay without product. This is because product tends to collect and become sticky at the crease, so avoid applying product on your crease.

Image courtesy: Instagram