Does looking at the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s picture-perfect lips make you scorn at your own wafer-thin ones? Well, you are not alone. Even though you may not have been blessed with a naturally plump and pillowy pout, it doesn’t mean the only way to give your lips a plumper appearance is to go under the knife. With the right makeup tools and a few near-genius tips, it is very much possible to achieve a fuller and plumper looking pout in no time. Read on to find out how…


1. Invest in a lip plumper

Invest in a lip plumper

If you are looking for a temporary yet noticeable way of achieving plumper lips, then lip plumpers are your best bet. They are enriched with hydrating, collagen-inducing ingredients that make your lips appear plumper for a couple of hours post-application. Even though they tingle just a little bit initially, lip plumpers are a sure-shot way of attaining a visibly fuller pout in a matter of minutes.


2. Overline carefully

Overline carefully

Lip pencils are an absolute must-have for girls with thin lips. But before you start overlining, it is really important to ensure that the skin around your lips looks even-toned for a more natural finish. To do this, apply concealer all over your lips. Next, use a lip pencil to trace your lips, starting from the cupid’s bow, slightly above your natural lip line. But avoid going too overboard with this or you’ll end up looking clown-like. Next, fill in your entire lip with the lip pencil to prevent any feathering and smudging of the lipstick to follow.


3. Highlight strategically

Highlight strategically

Another tip that most makeup artists swear by is using a highlighter to make your lips pop. After you have applied a lipstick of your choice, take a very tiny amount of any clear lip gloss (even a shade that matches your lipstick works just fine), and apply it right in the right centre of your lips. This will reflect light and instantly make your lips appear fuller.


4. Line with concealer

Line with concealer

Have you ever wondered, how some celebrities and influencers flaunt that perfect lip line that you never seem to have? Well, here’s what they do – after finishing your lip makeup, take a really tiny amount of concealer on a flat angled brush and apply it on the edges of your lips. This will not only clean up any mistakes but will also accentuate your lip and make them lip fuller.

Main image courtesy: @kyliejenner