Wearing a face mask while stepping out of the house is the new normal that has left us with fewer opportunities to flaunt a full face of makeup. And even if we do wear a full face of makeup under the mask, there’s always a possibility of it smudging and staining the mask.

But wait, before you relegate to living a life without makeup, hear us out. We’ve got some pro tips up our sleeves that will help you keep your makeup from smudging under a face mask. Yes, really! Excited? Let’s begin...


1. Always apply a primer

Always apply a primer

Using a primer helps to create the perfect canvas for your base makeup to cling on to. This limits the possibility of smudging and ensures that your makeup stays intact for a longer period of time. Use a mattifying primer for better results.

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2. Opt for a matte base

Opt for a matte base

The formula of the base makeup products you use plays a very important role in preventing smudges. Always choose a non-oily, matte-finish foundation to ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Also, always apply your foundation using a damp sponge to give it more a natural and skin-like finish.

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3. Use a pressed powder

Use a pressed powder

A great way to keep your makeup from budging under the mask is by using a pressed powder to set your base makeup. If you have really dry skin, you can replace the pressed powder with a mattifying setting spray. If during the course of the day you feel like your makeup has started to smudge, simply reapply the pressed powder or spritz on the setting spray to help salvage the situation.

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4. Ditch your lip gloss

Ditch your lip gloss

Image courtesy: @corallistablog

As much as we love glossy lips, they’re not the most practical when wearing a face mask. What you need instead is a transfer and smudge-proof matte lipstick that won’t budge or stain your mask. Don’t forget to swipe on a lip balm before going over with your lipstick to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Main image courtesy: @faviana and @ribsamarket