Going to bed with makeup on your face is a big no-no! It is only an open invitation to pimples, skin irritation and all the skin troubles you can think off. It’s extremely important to get every last bit of makeup off before you hit the sack, and we’ll teach you how to do it right. Here are five ways to remove your makeup properly.


01. Double cleanse

Double cleanse

The best and easiest way to remove your makeup is double cleansing. The technique comes from South Korea where makeup is first broken down using a makeup removing oil or cleansing balm. Then, it is followed by a foaming cleanser aka your face wash. This is a gentle and effective way to remove your makeup. The oil takes care of melting the stubbornest products on your face, while the foaming cleanser washes away the makeup and oil. Double cleansing is beneficial on days even when you aren’t wearing any makeup because it works the same way on dirt and dust on your face. This leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised. It works on all skin types!


02. Use a spoolie for mascara

Use a spoolie for mascara

Life lesson: never throw away wands from your old mascaras. Clean them and use them for grooming your brows, combing your lashes and removing mascara clumps when you end up going overboard. For getting every last bit of your mascara off your lashes, use an old spoolie brush. After you rub cleansing oil all over your face, use the remainder on your eyes and coat your lashes with the oil. Now, using the spoolie, slowly brush out the mascara. The oil will help loosen the mascara on your lashes and the spoolie with brush it out for you. Follow it up with a foaming cleanser.



03. Don’t rush

Don’t rush

Trying to take your makeup off in a hurry will leave some traces back and harm your skin. So, take your time when removing your makeup. Take a generous amount of your cleansing balm or oil and rub it over your skin for about a minute or two. Using your fingertips, cleanse thoroughly in the corners of your nose, eyes and along your hairline. Reach every little crevice to ensure even the last bit of makeup is out.



04. Do the swipe test

Do the swipe test

Once your makeup is off, take a makeup wipe or a cotton pad with micellar water like the Pond's Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose and run it over your face. We tend to miss out on spots sometimes and this will help you understand if you have any makeup still left on your skin. If you see colour on your cotton pad after you’ve been over an area, you know the drill! Get it off and go to bed with squeaky clean skin.




05. Use a Q-tip to get the corners

Use a Q-tip to get the corners

If we use a cotton bud to correct our eyeliner then why not use it to remove eye makeup as well! For tough to get area, try using a cotton bud or Q-tip. This one is especially handy for removing kajal from your lash line and waterline. You can either use it with some makeup remover on the cotton or on its own.