We are at that point of the pandemic where everybody has accepted the ‘new normal’ and are doing their best to adapt to it. The biggest aspect of this change in scenery is the mandatory face mask — an essential you cannot leave home without. This aspect has also been the most challenging to deal with, given the amount of skin issues that crop up due to wearing face masks for longer durations. But nothing is as heartbreaking as putting on a cute makeup look in the morning and having it transfer onto your mask in just a couple of hours!

There are a couple of reasons why your makeup might smudge under your mask — your skin got oily, your products aren’t transfer proof or you’re sweating profusely. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid all of them, and these simple tips will help out...


1. Prep your face with a primer

Prep your face with a primer

First off, while doing your skincare, stay away from emollient ingredients or face oils. A matte base will remain intact longer than a dewy one. Always follow up on your skincare with a makeup primer. A primer will make your makeup glide on smoothly and prevent it from smudging.

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2. Use mattifying products

Use mattifying products

Mattifying products are your best friends. From concealers to foundations, make sure to use mattifying and long-wear formulas that won’t budge under the mask and stain it. Plus, you can get away with applying thinner layers of other makeup products (like concealer) when wearing a full coverage foundation.

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3. Bake!


Baking is the process of applying loose, translucent powder to your makeup (focusing on oily areas) and letting it bake to help set the makeup. To do this: Take a damp makeup sponge, dip it in setting powder and press onto your skin. Let it sit for 5 minutes and dust off the rest.

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4. Take care of the pout

Take care of the pout

So, how do you stop your pout from transferring onto the mask? You guessed it, use a mattifying formula or a lip stain that dries down completely and won’t stain the mask. Additionally, you can turn any formula matte by dusting some loose translucent powder on your lips post applying the lipstick.

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5. Set with a setting spray

Set with a setting spray

Setting your makeup is a must when wearing a face mask (duh!). You can even dampen your beauty sponge with a setting spray and then use it to apply the foundation to lock it in place for hours. Allow the mist to dry down completely before putting on the mask.

Main image courtesy: @angelbachartistry