Birthday Special: Reminiscing The Most Iconic Looks Of Neetu Kapoor That Still Make Us Go ‘Wow’

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Birthday Special: Reminiscing the most iconic looks of Neetu Kapoor that still make us go ‘wow’

Bollywood’s veteran actress Neetu Kapoor is known for her roles of a peppy, girl next door who always had her beauty game on point. After stealing hearts in Do Kaliyaan with her twin sister, Neetu appeared in over 50 films before finally marrying into the ‘It’ family of Bollywood, the Kapoor clan.

As she remains to be a graceful actress and a stunning mummy in her 60s today, we can’t seem to forget that adorable girl who gave out major beauty goals back then. From twiggy lashes to a red pout, the actress wore it all with panache. So, on her birthday, here’s a toast to the most iconic looks of Neetu Kapoor that still makes us go ‘wow’. 


Glossy red pout

Double ponytails

Was it her innocent smile or her pouty lips that swayed the then heartthrob Rishi Kapoor, we don’t know. But we do know that Neetu’s glossy red lips was considered her best feature and were quite the talk of the town.


Brows on point

Double ponytails

Keeping up with the sleeked brows trend of the 80s, Neetu looked effortlessly natural in a set of thin eyebrows that were always perfectly shaped and flawless in all ways.


Doll-like lashes and defined eyes

Double ponytails

The diva rocked kohl-rimmed eyes and looked cute as a button in fuller, baby doll lashes. This gorgeous eye makeup complemented her big, doe-shaped eyes quite well.


Blushed out cheeks

Double ponytails

80s was an era of bold makeup with intense blush, not only on the apple of the cheeks but blended all over. Neetu also rocked the flushed cheek look that made her look all the more gorgeous.


Double ponytails

Double ponytails

Neetu Kapoor had long locks and was often seen sporting double ponytails or braids. It remains to be her signature hairstyle of all time and it suited her cheerful personality to the T. 

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