Try This Instagram Hack For Fuller-Looking Lips

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
Try This Instagram Hack For Fuller-Looking Lips

Who doesn’t want fuller, pillowy lips like the Kardashian-Jenners? And since everyone’s pining for basically the same thing, our Instagram feeds are flooded with hacks on how to achieve a fuller-looking pout. The most recent hack that took the internet by storm is by celebrity makeup artist Emily Cheng that promises a fuller, natural-looking pout without overlining. Read on to know all about it.


But first, let’s talk about the ‘lip flip’ technique everyone’s obsessing over

What’s the new hack all about?

Image courtesy: @makeupbymario 

Before we discuss the main hack, let’s discuss the ‘lip flip’ technique. As more people opt for fillers to accentuate the shape of their lips, this particular technique has begun to claim centre-stage as it quickly becomes the most sought-after option for the strategy it employs. As opposed to traditional fillers, this procedure involves the application of botox along the borders above your lip to prevent your muscles from contracting when you smile - your upper lip curling in - and ‘flipping’ your lips inwards. Since surgery isn’t quite an option for a lot of us, MUA Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist) shared a few tips with his followers on how to recreate the ‘lip flip’ naturally.

All you’ve to do is overline your cupid’s bow, and take your pencil/liner ‘in’ to the sides of your lips (no overlining here). Then, you overline the bottom of your lips —  just the centre instead of the sides — and that’s it! If you overline the entirety of your bottom lip, your lip will look droopy. This look emphasises the shape of your lips by focusing on the middle and top, rendering a pillowy look in the end. Conclude with a lipstick of the same shade — or even a little lighter — for a flattering effect. In fact, we’d advise you to paint your lips with a lipstick that’s two shades lighter than the liner to fake the illusion of fullness.


What’s the new hack all about?

What’s the new hack all about?

Image Courtesy: @emilychengmakeup

MUA Emily Cheng shared a little tip on how to achieve fuller lips without overlining. And it’s pretty simple too. Just apply some contour on the cupid’s bow and under the centre of the bottom lips. The shadows add depth, allowing you to fake an illusion of a fuller pout. If you’d like to play up the puckered pout, just dab some lip gloss on the centre of your lips. Achieving fuller-looking lips has never been easier.

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