If there is one beauty trend that took over all others in 2020, it is going fresh-faced and makeup-free. Even celebrities embraced a makeup free lifestyle and let their skin breathe. With elaborate skincare routines on their Insta handles and no-makeup selfies, celebs helped make healthy skin a priority this year. And even though she is a little late to the party, Jennifer Lopez washing off her makeup on camera may just be the best one we have seen yet!

The pop icon shared a quick skincare routine with fans post a NYE performance where she was decked out in her usual glam self. JLo did not hesitate to slather on her cleanser all over her face and remove every speck of coverage, shimmer or concealer , to reveal a fresh glow that made us gasp for a moment. This woman not only absolutely slays on stage, but also defies age (she is 51!) like a pro. We have talked about JLo’s skincare routine before and given how carefully crafted it is, we are not surprised her natural skin glows like this!

jennifer lopez

In the video, we see JLo cleansing her face in gentle circular motions, going down to her neck and focusing on the eye area to get any makeup residue off. She dries her face with a towel and follows up with a generous amount of skin- tightening serum all over her face and neck, rubbing the leftover on her hands. After letting her serum dry, she follows it up with a SPF-infused night cream, a practice she revealed to be following since her early 20s and being a big part of how she kept age signs at bay. The simple, yet effective, routine revealed that it doesn’t have to follow a 10-step regimen to get good skin; you just have to be regular with your basic routine.

Apart from her simple routine, we couldn’t help but wonder how different she looks without her bold lip and smokey eye. So after a year of looking at makeup-free selfies from celebs, we can safely say that nothing beats the charm of fresh and glowing natural skin, which takes the pressure off having to look done up with a full face of makeup. And that is an exciting turn of events for us!

Images courtesy: @jlo