Kareena Kapoor Khan is the OG fashion girl — the queen of serving looks, who never backed down from a challenge! Bebo was rocking 90s glam (often ‘cringe-y’) like it was NBD. But regardless of how she must feel while looking back at those pictures, Bebo will forever be the girl crush 90s babies grew up with.

Here are five movie makeup looks that only Bollywood’s ultimate begum could have pulled off with such elan.


1. Frosted to the ‘T’

Frosted to the ‘T’

Image courtesy: @grownwithus

If 2000s makeup was summed up in one word, it’d ‘frosted’! From JLo to our very own Bebo, adding frosted deets to makeup was all the rage, especially when it came to music videos and big Bollywood musical numbers. Kareena’s pearlescent top paired with frosted eye makeup made our 11-year old selves beg for grey, glittery eye makeup from our parents!


2. Endearing and adorable

Endearing and adorable

Image courtesy: @kajaqad

Kareena’s naive yet endearing role in Chameli was a turning point in her career. It was indicative that she wasn't satisfied with just being a pretty face on the screen and proved so by taking on complicated themes and characters. And one touch of genius while portraying her character — the colourful makeup looks that stay true to the source.


3. Bebo’s blonde moment

Bebo’s blonde moment

Image courtesy: @rediffmovies

There are some arguments to be made about Kareena’s whole ‘size 0’ moment surrounding this film. While we did not care for the weight loss or the blonde wig in this particular song, her red PU dress paired with electric blue eye makeup still remains one of the most striking beauty moments in Bollywood history.


4. The ‘Poo’ phenomenon

The ‘Poo’ phenomenon

Image courtesy: @MJ

A conversation about Kareena’s influential beauty looks cannot be complete without mentioning ‘Poo’ at least once! From making crop tops a high fashion obsession to serving stunning makeup in every scene she was in, we still crush on her big time. Especially the sneaky little flick to match her red prom outfit, so cool!


5. Kohl sensation

Kohl sensation

Image courtesy: @kajra-re

Intense kohl-rimmed eyes and added patterning for her other features, Bebo’s fresh-faced turn for ‘Asoka’ shocked quite a few. The heavy-duty, water-proof products she wore for this movie didn’t move an inch in those rain-soaked numbers — colour us impressed!