All The Makeup Lessons We’ve Picked From Birthday Girl Katrina Kaif Over The Years

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
All the makeup lessons we’ve picked from birthday girl Katrina Kaif over the years

Katrina Kaif’s makeup game is anything but dramatic. In a world of matte lipsticks, she makes us believe in the power of a glossy pout. The diva likes to keep it simple and sweet! If you’re a makeup novice, then Kat can be your biggest inspiration as she believes in simply accentuating her strong features without going OTT.

Here are all the lessons we picked from Katrina’s subtle yet powerful beauty game...


Wow brows

Lash drama

While thick, fuller brows is all the rage in the beauty world today, Katrina too seems to be a firm believer of the popular saying—*brushes brows, doesn’t brush hair*. While her hair is mostly kept standard, her brows are perfectly defined. You go, girl!


Dewy AF

Lash drama

Even with her minimal makeup game, Kat sure knows how to stay on top of trends. Here, it’s her dewy makeup that is giving us all the goals! Oh, and did we mention how striking that thin winged eyeliner looks?! So subtle, so cool!


Smokin’ hot

Lash drama

Seldom does Katrina Kaif go all out with her eye makeup, but when she does, it is definitely note-worthy! We totally love how the deep red smokey eyes is matching her pant-suit. Oh, and don’t miss that smokey effect on her waterline. Killing it, isn’t she?


Gloss game strong

Lash drama

Katrina Kaif’s no-makeup makeup look is incomplete without a swipe of gloss. In a world full of matte lipsticks, Kat picks gloss for her oh-so-hot pout and slays at that! On days when you are not in the mood for any drama, simply add double coats of mascara, some gloss and attack!


Lash drama

Lash drama

When nothing works, dramatic lashes come to the rescue! Want to look more awake? Mascara. Need some volume? Mascara. Want to give the illusion of longer lashes? Mascara. Well, Kat too is a sucker for dramatic eyelashes! Even with her minimal makeup game, she never fails to enjoy some lash drama.

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