What’s Hot: This Instagrammer Turns Your Favourite Snacks Into Stunning Makeup Looks

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
What’s hot: This Instagrammer turns your favourite snacks into stunning makeup looks

If you’re a makeup enthusiast like me whose passion for food is as strong as their love for makeup, you are going to love what 20-year-old Instagrammer Divya Premchand has been doing. This young NRI based in Dubai, is using our favourite snacks as an inspiration to create delicious-looking makeup looks! Now, who would’ve thought of that?

She absolutely loves makeup and snacks and uses her skills to combine the two to create some never-before-seen looks. Over the past few months, Divya has received a lot of attention for creating looks inspired by Indian snacks like Maggi, Kurkure, Hajmola, 50-50 and more. Scroll down to see how she serves these lewks!


Kurkure inspired look

50-50 inspired look

The bright and spicy Kurkure deserved a makeup look just as exciting looking as the packaging. Divya did justice to it by sporting bright orange and golden colours on her eyelids. What we love the most about this look is the tedhe medhe lines on her brows.


Maggi inspired look

50-50 inspired look

The red and yellow makeup perfectly describes the packaging of everyone's favourite snack — Maggi. We love how she has created the noodles on her eyelids using black eyeliner.


Lays inspired look

50-50 inspired look

The blue Lays is probably one of the most popular Indian snacks. Divya used her love for Lays Magic Masala to create this stunning makeup look using dark blue eyeshadow and confetti.


Poppins inspired look

50-50 inspired look

We’ve all grown up eating the sweet and sour Poppins. While the best flavour still remains debatable, we are impressed by how Divya has included them all in her look. The rainbow eyeshadow look with bright little stick-ons all over the eyelid looks spectacular.


50-50 inspired look

50-50 inspired look

The bright yellow and green packaging of the 50-50 biscuit packaging sure has something exciting to turn into a makeup look. The Fifty-Fifty written just below her eyes adds a whole lot of drama to the look.

Image courtesy: @divsglam


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