With the changing seasons, it is crucial to switch your beauty routine too. From learning about various hacks to prevent your makeup from melting to picking the right shades that complement the season’s colours, summer is the time to experiment.

It’s not easy to keep your makeup game going strong in the scorching heat, we agree! Precisely why, we’ve got celebrity makeup expert Bushra S Khan to help you tackle all your summer beauty woes. The artist who’s created stunning looks for singer Sona Mohapatra and TVF star Maanvi Gagroo, to name a few, spills some super cool tricks in this interview with BeBeautiful. From suggesting the must-have makeup essentials to talking about her own makeup routine, Bushra’s got some sure-shot tricks up her sleeve. For your daily dose of glamour, you can follow her on Instagram at @khan_do_makeup.

Here’s Bushra putting all your makeup queries to rest:

beauty rendevous with bushra khan makeup artist

BB: How should one prepare dry and oily skin before applying foundation on a hot day?

BK: No matter what your skin type, following a solid skin care regimen is the first step towards achieving a flawless finish. If you have dry skin, make sure that you are using a combination of nourishing and hydrating skin care products and pay special attention to the area under your eyes as it’s the most sensitive.

For all those with oily skin, start by rubbing ice all over your face before applying any product. Doing so will help close the pores. Follow it up with a light and hydrating moisturiser preferably in a gel formula.

beauty interview bushra khan makeup artist

BB: One makeup trend that you absolutely love for summer brides?

BK: I love the combination of soft glittery almost nude eyes with bold, neon-coloured lips.

BB: What are the makeup essentials for a summer bride?

BK: Blotting sheets and liquid matte lipstick.

BB: If you could pick one makeup product or service offering, which would be your favourite and why?

BK: Highlighter! Unfortunately, I have oily skin and I can't use it very often because of the weather conditions here.

BB: As today's women are busier than ever, what is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for a night out?

BK: The most obvious thing would be to apply a bold lip makeup shade, but I love to use highlighter on the high points of my face. It instantly helps switch my look from work to party in a jiffy.

BB: How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

BK: Instagram, obviously!

beauty interview bushra khan makeup artist

BB: What do you love the most and what’s most challenging about your job?

BK: When it’s for a project, creating a makeup look that complements the character is what excites me the most. When I'm dressing up someone for an occasion, I love to see the change in her demeanor once the makeup is done. There's this subtle shift in attitude. She walks more confidently, is at her sassiest best and can't stop admiring her reflection in the mirror. When I observe these changes, I feel like I've done my job well.          

Being on my feet for long hours is brutal and that's the only challenge I face at work.

BB: Which lipstick shade and texture works best in summers?

BK: I veer from one extreme to another. There is no middle path. So, summer for me is either about pastels or neon lip colours. I would only recommend matte formulas as it's easier to maintain and is hassle-free.

beauty interview bushra khan makeup artist

BB: Do you have a favourite celebrity makeup look?

BK: I honestly can't pick one. My personal style in makeup is bold and extreme, so anytime a celebrity experiments, it becomes a drool-worthy look for me.   

BB: Eye makeup apt for summers?

BK: First of all, eye products must be waterproof. Also, always apply a primer if you're applying eyeshadow. I like wearing iridescent eyeshadows and lining the eyes with kohl and smudging it out to enhance the shape of my eyes. I always finish off my eye makeup look with some mascara. I would suggest that you skip lining the waterline with kajal altogether because maintaining that can be quite a task.

BB: 3 makeup essentials to keep your makeup from melting in summers?

BK: Primer, setting spray and blotting sheets.

beauty interview bushra khan makeup artist

BB: What are some makeup products that a girl should never be caught without?

BK: Everyone has their own quirks and like to play up different features so there're no hard and fast rules or products that one simply must have. The products that I simply can’t do without are my eyebrow pomade, cheek tint and tinted lip balm.

BB: What is your signature look, and what is special about it?

BK: I tend to get bored very easily. So, I keep switching my look. However, I'm always experimenting with my eye makeup more than anything else. From soft to dramatic smokey eye looks or graphic and coloured eyeliners, I’m always up for creating fresh looks.

Image courtesy: Artist’s Instagram account