Mandira Bedi Birthday Special: 5 Makeup Tips For Mature Skin We Picked Up From The Stunner

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
Mandira Bedi birthday special: 5 makeup tips for mature skin we picked up from the stunner

Actor, fashion designer, TV presenter… Mandira Bedi dons many hats in her professional life. This absolute stunner also happens to have her glam game on point. With the number of live appearances she has to do, Bedi has often said that she does her own makeup for these events. Amazing, right?

As she turns 49 today, let’s take a look at all the makeup tips for mature skin the actress has been doling out on her Instagram profile.


01. Prep is necessary

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As your skin ages, it tends to become drier and lose essential moisture and hydration quickly. This is why it is essential to prep your skin with a moisturiser before applying makeup. Follow up with a primer as that will help fill in the pores and smoothen out the fine lines and wrinkles, and help your makeup stay put longer.


02. Use a colour corrector

Mandira Bedi makeup tips 5

Mandira has confessed that the hero product in her makeup kit is a peach colour corrector. A peach colour corrector cancels out the dark shadows and gives the skin a brighter appearance. Apply the corrector only on the pigmented areas on your skin and layer a light foundation over it for an even-toned complexion.


03. Use liquid-based foundations for a better blend

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Liquid-based foundations blend more seamlessly on mature skin as compared to powder formulas. Mandira likes to use her fingers to apply the product all over her face, this helps her reach the contours of her face better. She then uses a buffing brush to blend the product into her skin for an even, streak-free finish.


04. A genius hack for soft brows

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Mandira has a neat eyebrow hack up her sleeve! If your natural brows are a bit sparse and a regular eyebrow product feels too intense, use a powder eyeshadow instead. Pick the colour closest to your natural brows and use a lip brush to fill it in. Easy-peasy!


05. Contour with matte, warm tones

Mandira Bedi makeup tips 5

A simple rule that Mandira follows to ensure her makeup complement her skin tone is using matte pigments with warm undertones. Which means saying no to shimmery shades that tend to settle in the fine lines and accentuate them. A touch of matte bronzer to contour the cheeks, jaw and nose is all you need to flaunt a chisselled face.

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