Concealer Mistakes That Prevent You From Achieving A Flawless Base

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Concealer mistakes that prevent you from achieving a flawless base

Whether it’s a pesky zit that has suddenly popped up or your under-eye area is appearing darker after pulling an all-nighter, there’s nothing that a concealer can’t, well, conceal. This little product is every woman’s best friend; after all, it makes your skin appear flawless.

Having said that, did you know using the wrong concealer or too much of it can make your problem areas appear more prominent? The last thing you want is your concealer to look cakey and draw more attention to those under-eye bags. Here are some common concealer mistakes that you should watch out for.


Using the wrong texture

Not setting the concealer

It’s essential to keep your skin type into consideration when buying makeup and skincare products. If your skin is dry or your under-eye area becomes flaky, use a hydrating eye gel before applying concealer. Similarly, if your skin is oily, make sure the concealer isn’t too thick or heavy as this will prevent it from blending easily and make your makeup appear cakey.


Picking a shade that’s too light

Not setting the concealer

Ideally, your concealer should be the exact same colour as your foundation, anything lighter than that will make your face appear washed out. You can buy a separate concealer for your under-eye area. If you have redness due to acne or deep dark circles, it is wise to first colour correct these problem areas and then apply concealer.


Applying too much concealer

Not setting the concealer

Remember, concealer is only for problem areas and a little goes a long way. Avoid applying lots of concealer or worse, applying it all over your face like foundation. Start with a tiny amount and apply a little more if you don’t get the desired result. If you end up applying too much concealer, take a damp makeup sponge and blend it out.


Not setting the concealer

Not setting the concealer

If your makeup appears unnatural or settles into fine lines and wrinkles, chances are you are not setting your concealer. Setting your concealer with a setting or translucent powder will not only give you a natural-looking base but will also ensure your makeup stays on for long.

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