Before we jump into the Diwali festivities in full swing, we've got another important event lined up for the weekend — Halloween 2021! Whether you're choosing to go for a full-blown bash or want to dress up by yourself and a few mates to take gram-worthy selfies, we have one suggestion for you. If you can't be bothered to create an elaborate costume, ditch the basic cat ears and the Devil horns this year, and turn to these Halloween makeup ideas. With tons of fun pop culture references to choose from, these last-minute makeup ideas for Halloween will make you look put together with minimal effort too! Check 'em out...


1. Euphoria-style

01. Euphoria-style

Image courtesy: @pinterest

Do you know the one makeup look that's been dominating Halloween for the past couple of years? Well, we're happy to report that everyone's fave Euphoria-style makeup is still in vogue for Halloween 2021! The key to acing this one — glitter, iridescent shades, and of course, face crystals.


2. 'Sour' makeup

02. 'Sour' makeup

Image courtesy: @oliviarodrigo

Been streaming 'Good 4 u' and 'Jealousy, jealousy' on repeat? Take cues from the Gen Z queen of pop Olivia Rodrigo and do up your face in a similar way. Take some face-friendly stickers (or print out your own) with prints reminiscent of y2k, and stick 'em all over your face.


3. Harley Quinn

03. Harley Quinn

Image courtesy: @imgur

With 'Suicide Squad' having released this year, is it any surprise that Harley Quinn-inspired makeup is back? To make this look your own, simply tie your hair up in two ponytails, do messy eye makeup — red on one eye, blue on the other — and make sure it spills onto your face. Draw some face tattoos with eyeliner, and smudge your lipstick to look like your favourite antagonist.


4. Fairy makeup

04. Fairy makeup

Image courtesy: @eslamoda

If you've been binge-watching reels over the past year, chances are that you've familiarized yourself with the 'fairy' lore that seems to have taken over our feeds. Dress up as a fairy this Halloween with this gorgeous butterfly-wing eye makeup, throw on a pair of wings with your outfit, and you're good to go!


5. Squid Games makeup

05. Squid Games makeup

Image courtesy: @madylolly

When 'Squid Games' premiered, the internet collectively fell in love with not just #67, but the doll too! Look equal parts creepy and equal parts cute this Halloween by dressing up as the ominous doll from ‘Red Light, Green Light.’ The way to go about it? Tiny, low ponytails on each side, faded red lips, whole lotta blush, and faux freckles smattered across your face. You’re sure to slay with this one – not literally, though!