A pretty nail art design can do more than just elevate your winter outfits. They also happen to keep your mood upbeat while you’re typing away on your computer at work! And since it’s the winter (plus holiday season!), you should be continuously reminded that the next festive soiree is just a couple of hours of work away.

You can either go for full-blown winter-themed nail art or try one of these pretty, and trendy manicures ideas we picked out for you...


1. Crushed velvet

Crushed velvet

Image courtesy: @nailadventuresbyls

What started as knitted nails, has now transformed into this shimmery, soft, velvety finish that looks super glamorous. Cool, silvery shades will help bring in the whole winter-festive vibe as well. So make sure you bring more than a couple of inspiration images with you for your next nail appointment.


2. Monochrome prints

Monochrome prints

Image courtesy: @frecklepusnails

You are frankly spoilt for options while picking prints for stylish manicures. Try something new this winter and go for the monochrome print trend. Prints created with varying shades of the same colour can be a good change from the MANY colourful, printed nail arts you see around. Plus, we find this cow print totally adorable and too cute to ignore.


3. Chocolate nails

Chocolate nails

Image courtesy: @gossipandgloss

Minimalists looking for a nice, glossy colour can opt for chocolate shades in winter 2020. From dark cocoa to caramel melts, this yummy trend will fit right in with your winter dessert and sweet binges. While the glossy varieties are trending, you can opt for matte finishes as well.


4. Novelty Christmas nails

Novelty Christmas nails

Image courtesy: @basecoatstories

There are a couple of ways you can do Christmas nails this winter. From frosty flakes to ornamental manicures, there are so many creative designs out there to choose from. But if you want to make it even more fun, try the novelty designs. These Santa hat tips are just the right mix of chic and quirky. They are bound to fetch you many compliments this season.


5. Abstract nails

Abstract nails

Image courtesy: @nailyoulater

If you’re a fan of patterned nail art designs, this one should be right up your ally. Abstract nail art gives you the freedom to play around with shapes, placements and most importantly, they leave room for messing up! After all, abstract designs don’t need to follow rules or look like anything at all. Just make sure you’re using a proper base to make your abstract designs pop. The rest can be all fun and games!

Main image courtesy: @nailsbymei, @betina_goldstein