Princess Leia’s Iconic Star Wars Looks Are A Beauty Legacy - Brb *Fangirling*

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedMay 03, 2019
Princess Leia’s iconic Star Wars looks are a beauty legacy - BRB *fangirling*

A long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away - okay fine, it was very much on earth and somewhere in the 70s that a magical cinematic experience called Star Wars took birth and ever since, the iconic movie became a cultural phenomenon. And today on the 4th of May, as fans celebrate the Star Wars day, here we are documenting and revisiting the beauty legacy of our favourite Sci-fi female character - Princess Leia .

An unconventional female protagonist - Princess Leia and her iconic character gave the world some legendary beauty looks! Princess Leia of Alderaan was no normal princess. Leia was not a stereotypical princess waiting for a prince to come to her rescue. She was - way ahead of her time - an independent warrior princess who fought her battles from the forefront!

Obviously then,  George Lucas, maker of Star Wars wanted his female lead to dress the part; “George didn’t want a damsel in distress, didn’t want your stereotypical princess—he wanted a fighter, he wanted someone who was independent,” Carrie Fisher, who starred as Leia was quoted saying in 1977. Those iconic Cinnamon Buns however, were not the only distinctive look that Leia was seen sporting in the Star Wars trilogy.

Here is revisiting Princess Leia’s best hair looks from Star Wars, as a tribute...


Cinnamon space Buns

Milkmaid braids

The first and the most prominent Princess Leia hairstyle was two enormous space buns plastered on either side of her head. While these may or may not be an ideal hairdo for modern day Leias, this hairdo sure makes a huge statement at any costume party.

Get the look:

To get these space buns all you need to do is, start by sectioning your hair in half. Now make two side ponytails for yourself. Then twirl each ponytail till the very end and then wrap it around itself to create a cinnamon bun. Tuck it in with hair pins and there you go.


Rope Braids

Milkmaid braids

Princess Leia’s leather-threaded warrior rope braids make a perfect hairdo for badass girls who are too busy for hair flicks! *You know what we mean*

Get the look:

To get this look start by sectioning your hair in two equal halves. Now take tiny strands of hair near your temple and braid it downwards. Remember to braid in a leather-thread with your braid. When you reach the end of the strand, secure the rope braid with a clear elastic. Repeat this on either sides.


The golden bikini look

Milkmaid braids

For the legendary golden bikini look, Fisher wore her hair in Bespin style, in which her hair is pulled back into a single bun with a cascading long braid down her back. This exotic look has had a fan following of its own and even after all these years, Leia’s Gold bikini continues to be one of the most popular sci-fi costumes ever.

Get the look:

To steal this look you need to simply backcomb your hair and create a ponytail. Now twirl your pony and wrap it into a well rounded bun. You can buy a fake braid from the market and tuck it right in the centre of your bun using bobby pins to ace this look.


Milkmaid braids

Milkmaid braids

In yet another iconic hairdo of her’s Princess Leia rocks the ‘flicks off my face’ look with much panache. 

Get the look:

Start by sectioning your hair in two equal halves. Pin one section in place with pins so you can easily work on the other one. Now take a small hair strand from the top of your head and start milkmaid braiding downwards. When you are done braiding, tie your braid with a hair tie. Then use a couple of bobby pins to secure your braid on the top of your head to make it look like a crown, Repeat this on either sides to create a look similar to Leia’s.

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