Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been having quite an eventful 2021. The actress is in London and has been popping up on Zoom screens on major global networks to promote her upcoming project, The White Tiger. PeeCee has been actively documenting her virtual press days on her social media, including how she is styling for them (a business shirt on top and PJs on the bottom!) and how she is glamming up herself for the interviews.

PeeCee already has enviable skin and a head full of glorious, shiny hair, so her DIY glam is what you will expect it to be — quick and easy! Here is a breakdown of her glam makeup routine, which if you ask us, is perfect for a last-minute Zoom meeting.

priyanka chopra

Here’s how you can recreate PeeCee’s Zoom glam look:

Step 01: Base - We weren’t surprised to see PeeCee not going in with a full face of primer and foundation. Instead, she used a stick foundation, warmed up the product with her fingers and applied them only on areas where she needed coverage, like the under-eye area, bridge of the nose and hairline. This is followed by a powder foundation all over her face, focused mainly on the under-eye areas and around the mouth.

Step 02: Blush - Using a kabuki brush, PeeCee draped a bit of blush from under her cheekbones to the top of her eyebrows, for some light contour and definition. She took the same brush and blush to her eyes to add warmth and colour to her face.

Step 03: Eyes- For her eyes, PeeCee used an eyelash curler to curl her lashes and then swept on a thick mascara to define and add volume to ‘em lashes. She followed this up by filling in her brows with an eyebrow pencil and brushing them up with an angled spoolie.

Step 04: Lips - She swiped on a tinted lip balm on her lips for a wash of colour! She finished the routine by putting her hair into a low bun and securing her bangs with some hairspray. Given that Priyanka is a massive star, her glam was comparatively laid back. Just the essentials in the most stripped-down form — we love how she likes to keep it so simple. She did confess while chuckling. “All the girls who actually do real makeup are going to be so mad at me because I just throw stuff on my face!”. No PeeCee, we ain’t mad. Anything that normalises toned down glam is a welcome change, especially from a fashion icon like her!

Images courtesy: @priyankachopra