Quarantine Makeup Trends To Refresh Your Insta Feed

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Quarantine makeup trends to refresh your Insta feed

The comfort of staying at home due to the lockdown has made the beauty community head on an experimental spree. Makeup lovers, influencers and bloggers have made good use of all the extra time on hand and come up with some never-seen-before makeup trends.

If you are past the phase of colouring your hair and cutting your own bangs in quarantine, these makeup looks might be just the thing you need to refresh your look and Insta feed *wink*.

Ahead, quarantine makeup trends that have taken over Instagram.


Pop of neon

No-makeup makeup

Image courtesy: @zoemountford

If you don’t have shades of neon in your makeup kit, add a few to your online shopping cart right away because you’ll be surprised to see what a pop of neon does for your makeup look. You can experiment with a bold look or start with something simple like this neon inner corner highlight.


Pastel floating liner

No-makeup makeup

Image courtesy: @oliviastiernholmmakeup

Floating liners have been around for a while now, but with the introduction of pastel eyeliners, this eye makeup trend has got an all-new upgrade. We love pastel shades in makeup and this floating liner is the easiest way to incorporate it in your makeup.


Artistic eyelids

No-makeup makeup

Image courtesy: @yudelkis_makeup

With face masks becoming the new normal, eye makeup is getting a lot more attention. People are using their creative minds to come up with artistic eye looks. Using bright shades, you can draw floral designs or animal prints — whatever suits your mood and personality.


Subtle lip stain

No-makeup makeup

Image courtesy: @zhannamua

Super bold lips are so yesterday; barely-there lip stain is all the rage right now. It is super low maintenance as you don’t require touch-ups and can be worn easily under face masks.


No-makeup makeup

No-makeup makeup

Image courtesy: @makeupbykaty_angelidi

Sitting at home attending Zoom calls and face timing with friends is how we are spending our days in quarantine. It’s no surprise then that the no-makeup makeup look is making a huge comeback.


Main image courtesy: @shaymitchell

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