Selena Gomez is a stunner and we can’t stop obsessing over her enviously gorgeous skin! And lucky for us, the actress/singer spilled the beans on her skincare routine that she follows on an average day. Selena gave audiences a sneak peek into her favourite products (which is a hydrating facial mist, BTW) and showed how to perfect the cat-eye liner.

But that’s not all. The routine also detailed her beauty philosophy and here are the top tips we picked up from it...


01. She uses a foaming cleanser

She uses a foaming cleanser

Selena confessed to having combination skin (her dry patches are too dry and oily patches, incredibly oily). To counter this, she uses a soothing, foaming cleanser on her face every morning. Foaming cleansers are the gentler alternative to face soaps; the lather is able to reach deep into your pores to clear dirt and oil buildup, leaving you with baby soft skin!


02. Her cure for stress acne

Her cure for stress acne

The pretty singer/actress recently revealed that she has finally started paying attention to her skin. And while her skin is so much better now than ever, she does deal with stress breakouts on her T-zone. Her way of dealing with it? Accept it and take it one step at a time. Her beauty philosophy is to stay happy and healthy on the inside, the fruits of which ultimately show on her face!


03. Sunscreen is essential for her

Sunscreen is essential for her

Selena name-dropped sunscreen as an absolute essential in her skincare routine all-year-round. The 28-year old has attributed daily use of sunscreen to keep her skin looking fresh and deal with sun-sensitivity caused by her complications of Lupus (an autoimmune disease she has been vocal about for quite a few years).


04. The secret to her stunning brows

The secret to her stunning brows

There are a lot of products you can use to define your brows. For Selena, her brow routine deals with brushing them up with a spoolie and ends with filling in with brown brow gel — this is as simple as it gets, ladies!


05. Her simple blush and bronzer trick

Her simple blush and bronzer trick

Selena has a neat trick up her sleeve when it comes to contouring with blush and bronzer. Apply your blush on top of your cheekbones and blend it towards your temples to give your face a slight lift. As for the bronzer, drape it around your face in the shape of a ‘3’, starting from your temple to the apple of your cheeks and along the jawline.


06. Her cat-eye liner hack

Her cat-eye liner hack

Selena got super relatable about applying a cat-eye liner. Her hack is to start by looking straight in the mirror and using a felt liquid eyeliner to draw a diagonal flick from the centre of the eye. Then, following her lower lash line to extend the line and meet the flick. Lastly, fill the click and then line the rest of the eye.


07. Her go-to step for setting makeup

Her go-to step for setting makeup

As mentioned earlier, Selena’s T-zone is a big challenge for her. To counter this, she adds an extra step to set her makeup. First, using blotting papers to mattify her oily areas and then a soft powder puff to press powder over her T-zone. She likes using fluffy powder puffs to get cover harder to reach areas and ensure full coverage.