5 Times Birthday Girl Sonam Kapoor Paired Red Lipstick With Striking Eye Makeup

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
5 times birthday girl Sonam Kapoor paired red lipstick with striking eye makeup

Makeup is all about balance. We’ve always been told that when wearing a bold lipstick, pair it with a subtle eye look and when wearing a bold eye makeup look, go for a nude lipstick. But not for the queen of style and beauty — Sonam Kapoor. One of the most glamorous and experimental actresses of Bollywood, Sonam is known for breaking the rules of beauty all the time. In a world where every celebrity is playing it safe with nude lipstick, Sonam not only opts for a red shade but also pairs it with a glamorous eye makeup look.

So, on Sonam Kapoor’s 36th birthday today, we decided to share some of our favourite red lipstick + striking eye makeup looks of the actress that are beyond gorgeous.


01. Deep red lipstick + smokey eye

Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

A deep red lipstick is enough to make a statement, but not when you are Sonam Kapoor. The actress decided to pair it with an equally stunning metallic smokey eye look that doesn’t take attention from the lipstick, instead, it elevates the look further.


02. Bright red lipstick + kohl rimmed eyes

Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

A shimmer base, kohl-rimmed eyes and voluminous lashes demand something simple like nude lipstick. But Sonam Kapoor proves us all wrong by pairing it with a bright red lipstick. Don’t forget to outline your lips for that perfect pout.


03. Metallic red lipstick + glitter eyeshadow

Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

Giving major maharani vibes in this picture, the shine and glitter in this look is not for everyone. If you are as experimental as birthday girl Sonam Kapoor, look no further than this royal makeup look.


04. Matte red lipstick + classic winged eyeliner

Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

The one where Sonam Kapoor turned Marilyn Monroe. A stunning matte red lipstick paired with a thick classic winged eyeliner is a bold look that only Sonam can manage to pull off effortlessly. If you are looking for a glamorous makeup look for a party or an event, take cues from this.


05. Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

Fiery red lipstick + golden shimmer eyeshadow

Sonam Kapoor and red lipstick are made for each other. No matter what the actress pairs it with, she looks totally glamorous. A stunning fiery red lipstick with golden shimmer eyeshadow and extended eyeliner flick looks dramatic yet oh-so gorgeous!

All image courtesy: @sonamkapoor

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