5 Major Hair And Makeup Trends To Try In Summer 2021

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
5 major hair and makeup trends to try in summer 2021

Summer beauty trends are our favourites. Bright lipsticks, vibrant eyeshadows to fluttery eyelashes and rosy cheeks, makeup in summer is anything but boring. If you’re as excited as us to switch up your makeup game this summer, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up the hottest summer hair and makeup trends that you can try this season. Excited? Scroll down to find out what they there.


01. Juicy skin

05. Bubble braids

Image courtesy: @poppyrawson1

If you are looking for a quick and simple go-to summer makeup look, then juicy skin is perfect for you! Focussing mainly on skincare products to achieve healthy and plump skin, this makeup trend encourages you to use a minimal amount of makeup and apply it only in the areas that need coverage. Finish with a cream blush, mascara and a glossy nude pout for that beautiful, dewy summer skin.


02. Floating eyeliner

05. Bubble braids

Image courtesy: @veronica__roman and @antoinette.diem

Floating eyeliners have been trending for quite some time now, and the perfect way to give this look a summer spin is to use a coloured eyeliner. If you are a makeup junkie who loves recreating edgy makeup looks, then this trend is right up your alley. Whether you are a makeup minimalist or maximalist, there’s definitely a version of a floating eyeliner design for you.


03. Bold lips

05. Bubble braids

Image courtesy: @bebeautiful_india

The opportunity to wear bright and cheery colours is one of the major reasons we love summer makeup trends. Therefore, ditch all your basic nude and brown lipstick shades and opt for bolder shades such as peaches, oranges and reds. Not only are these shades trending, but they look stunning when paired with most of your summer outfits.


04. Pastel hair

05. Bubble braids

Image courtesy: @hairsosavvy

If you’re someone who likes experimenting with their hair colour, then you’re in for a treat! Say goodbye to your browns and reds because pastel hair colours in pinks, blues, and greens reign the beauty circuit. Although these hair colours require a bit of post-colour care, considering how stunning they look, the extra efforts are worth it.


05. Bubble braids

05. Bubble braids

Image courtesy: @adah_ki_adah

Braided hairstyles are apt for summer, and a close cousin of this hairstyle, bubble braids, is touted to be a huge trend this summer. Already a favourite among celebrities and influencers, this hairstyle looks extremely chic on medium to long hair. And the best part? It’s super easy to recreate.

Main image courtesy: @adah_ki_adah and @ananyapanday

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