After having hardly any reasons to wear full-coverage makeup for most of last year, a lot of us have become more comfortable in our natural skin. Additionally, having spent all the time in lockdown caring and pampering our skin with the right products and DIY nushkes, our skin game has considerably improved and how!

The lockdown gave people the time to love their skin and also embrace their imperfections. The latest beauty trend going viral on TikTok encourages women to accept their dark circles rather than cover them up with makeup.


tiktok trend

tiktok trend

‘Sleep deprived’ is the new TikTok makeup trend that started this new year, and if experts are to be believed, it is here to stay. Instead of reaching for a brightening concealer to hide those dark circles, this makeup trend is all about emphasizing and even creating dark circles where there are none.

Creators and followers of this makeup trend believe that having dark circles is completely natural and that there is no need to hide them. This is why, instead of using a concealer, this trend encourages people to opt for something that’s darker to emphasize them.

Although this trend may sound strange, we think it’s about time we learn to love and accept our flaws because after all, that’s what makes us different.