You’ve Been Applying Blush All Wrong, According To This Hack

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
You’ve been applying blush all wrong, according to this hack

We’re constantly on the lookout for TikTok hacks that elevate our makeup game, and, recently, we stumbled upon one centred around our favourite product, blush. Because we understand that applying blush isn’t as simple as sweeping a brush drenched in hues of pink across the face, we knew we had to cover this one ASAP.


01. What’s this hack all about?

Fingers? For blending?

Image Courtesy: @slfmag

There are a lot of methods of applying blush, but each of them is accompanied by a series of questions. How do you choose the correct brush? Where do you apply the product? Is there a technique to blend the formula? How do you apply the product in a way that lifts your face? This hack, though, un-complicates the process.

Popularised by Sharon, a TikTok user, this technique has elicited quite a response from the masses. It doesn’t necessitate the employment of brushes, unnecessary steps, or more. The magic lies in your fingers. We’re going to leave you with that thought for a minute.



02. Fingers? For blending?

Fingers? For blending?

Image Courtesy: @teenvogue

It’s not a new hack, but it’s undoubtedly enjoying a resurgence amongst makeup enthusiasts. In a snippet released by Sharon on the platform, you can see that she has ditched all of her makeup tools for the hack and dabbed a little bit of blush at the base of her palms - readying the formula for application. Before we go on, it’s important to mention that she’s using a liquid-based blush for this technique—it allows for seamless blending and transfer, and that’s exactly what this hack relies on.

She goes on to rub her palms together to distribute the product evenly, brings her blush-laden hands up to her cheeks, and presses them against her cheekbones to leave a flush of colour behind. And as she blends the formula into her cheeks with her fingers, her face starts to look sculpted and lifted.

It’s not uncommon for our faces to appear droopy or doll-like after applying blush. It’s safe to say that this hack steers clear of such end results and lends to your cheeks just the right amount of colour for a believable flush. Why limit this hack to blush? You can give it a go with a highlighter, bronzer, and contour too!

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