Matching your face mask to your manicure was one of the earliest trends during the pandemic. It started right around the same time pretty, printed face masks hit the market, with fashion buffs taking a sigh of relief for not having to wear boring solid colours. With 2021 being yet another year when wearing a face mask will be the norm for quite some time, the ‘Maskmani’ has shifted from being a fun activity to a legit beauty trend. This is because nail bars have opened up and you can finally have a professional recreate the design or print from your favourite set of masks onto your nails. If you haven’t tried the maskmani trend yet, here are five trendy designs that’ll inspire you to get on board STAT.


01. Keep it clean


Image courtesy: @nailsbymei

The easiest and most versatile way of matching your mask to your manicure is to go for a solid colour. The day-to-day disposable protective face masks come in various pastel shades, which is a good opportunity for lovers of minimal manicures to match it without having to go to a nail salon.

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02. Choose prints that are easy to recreate


Image courtesy: @ginaedwards_

Fruits, stars, emojis and florals are some of the commonly available prints on cloth face masks. These simple prints are easy to recreate and match with your nail. A cherry is a cherry no matter how badly you have messed up the proportions or the shape! Keep an eye out for simple prints while buying your face masks to make your nail tech’s life easier.


03. Pick a colour


Image courtesy: @kaylabanderson

Apart from the print, you can also pick a colour from your face mask and transfer it to your nails. Especially for dual-toned face masks made with two solid, statement colours. You can choose one as an inspiration for your next manicure.

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04. Stud ‘em up


Image courtesy: @ginaedwards_

You can use studs, stickers, diamante and all of these manicure accessories to upgrade your matching nail art. Start by recreating the base print or design of your mask and top it up with accessories to amp up the drama!


05. Go for monochrome


Image courtesy: @marlohampton

Monochrome or black and white nail art is yet another easy-to-do recreation. Black and white face masks look stylish and with a matching manicure to go with it, you will be slaying your mani game all year!

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Main image courtesy: @bbmas