Unless your eyebrow goddesses Cara Delevigne or Emilia Clarke, chances are your natural eyebrows are not properly shaped and defined. Which is less than ideal because eyebrows have somewhat become the centre of attention in beauty — whether it is feathered browed models on the runway or a glammed up celebrity on the red carpet. But the good news is, finding the most flattering eyebrow shape is not that tricky — just look at your face shape. Use this guide to determine the perfect brow shape for your face!


1. Eyebrow for Oval Face

Eyebrow for Oval Face

Image courtesy: @bellahadid

Oval face shapes are the most versatile of the lot — they have a wider forehead and curved chin(like an egg placed upside down) . They can pull off any hairstyle and brow shape — if you’ve got an oval face shape, consider yourself extremely lucky, girl. Whether it is the classic slightly arched eyebrow or the OTT strong and elongated brow — you can pull off any of them with ease.


2. Eyebrow for Square Face

Eyebrow for Square Face

Image courtesy: @oliviawilde

Square faces are nearly as wide as they are long. You will also have angular features and a sharp jawline. High, curved arches will flatter your square shape as they can soften and lengthen your face. But make sure the curved arches aren't too angular as that can bring unnecessary focus to your jawline.


3. Eyebrow for Heart Face

Eyebrow for Heart Face

Image courtesy: @gemma_chan

Picture an upside-down triangle — heart face shapes are distinctive because the foreheads are the widest part of your face, plus a pointed, strong chin and natural-shaped brows that sit close to the brow bone. Soft, low and subtly arched shapes which can balance your longer chin. Natural shapes that sit closer to the brow bone will balance out your heart face shape well.


4. Eyebrow for Round Face

Eyebrow for Round Face

Image courtesy: @hungvanngo

Round faces are easy to spot — your cheeks are the widest part of your face and the sides are curved slightly outwards. As such, a brow shape that adds structure will flatter your face shape. Fuller brows which are sharply angled and high arched will open up your eyes and define your features.


5. Eyebrow for Long Face

Eyebrow for Long Face

Image courtesy: @joansmalls

Also known as rectangular or oblong shape, long faces have forehead, cheeks, and jawline of approximately the same width — but with a slightly curved chin. Straight, elongated brows with a low arch help widen long face shapes and make it look more proportioned.


6. Eyebrow for Diamond Face

Eyebrow for Diamond Face

Image courtesy: @vanessahudgens

High cheekbones and pitted chins make a diamond face. A narrower hairline, diamond faces are widest at the temples and have an angular jaw. Since this face is already so defined, a softly curved brow, which does not go further than the outer corner of the eye, will be the most flattering shape.

Main image courtesy: @maryphillips