Your wedding makeup look is nearly as essential as the outfit you choose, as these are the two things that really tie your whole wedding look together. But let’s be honest, hiring a professional makeup artist is not only an expensive affair but constantly communicating to them about exactly what you need can also be very time-consuming.

Therefore, if you are a beauty junkie with A level makeup skills, then we don’t see why you shouldn’t be doing your makeup on your D-Day. But to ensure that there are no last-minute slip-ups that could make you panic on your big day, we recommend you read this article. Listed below are six important tips that will help you nail your wedding makeup look and ensure that you look exactly how you had envisioned yourself…


1. Invest in quality products

Invest in quality products

Since it’s your wedding makeup, there obviously shouldn’t be any compromise on the quality of the products you use. Make sure you invest in the right products, irrespective of the price tag. We highly recommend you to do a little research and invest in a few quality products that are not only long-lasting but also photograph well. Look for shades that perfectly match your skin tone to avoid any last-minute panic.


2. Use face and eye primers

Use face and eye primers

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Primer is THE most important product to ensure a flawless base that looks totally skin-like. It minimises the appearance of pores and conceals minor blemishes to deliver a super-smooth canvas for your makeup to go on. Additionally, wearing a primer underneath your makeup will prevent your face from getting excessively sweaty and shiny, while ensuring that your makeup lasts through all the wedding madness.

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3. Avoid makeup with SPF

Avoid makeup with SPF

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SPF-infused products contain ingredients like zinc and titanium oxides that end up leaving a slightly white cast on your face. This white cast may not be that visible in person, but show up very prominently in flash photographs.


4. Use waterproof products only

Use waterproof products only

With all the hustle and bustle that ensues on a wedding day, you are definitely going to be sweating a lot, especially during the pheras. Additionally, since this day is also high on emotions, you may tear up on more than one occasion. To avoid a makeup faux pas, remember to use only waterproof products. This includes your base makeup, blush and kajal as well, and not just your mascara.

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5. Practice, practice, practice

Practice, practice, practice

Even if you are extremely good at makeup, wedding makeup is a different ball game altogether. Therefore, ensure that you practice the looks you want to recreate for your functions several times before the D-day. Preferably, use the same products as you plan to use on your wedding day, as this would give you a better idea of the finishes and textures of each product. If you know exactly what you are doing, you will end up saving yourself a lot of stress on that day.


6. Wear more makeup than you usually do

Wear more makeup than you usually do

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You may be a die-hard makeup minimalist IRL, but you need to make an exception for your wedding day. Swap out your light coverage foundations with full coverage ones and apply a lot more blush and eyeshadow than you normally would. No, we’re asking you to look like a clown, but wearing a little extra makeup balances out the sharpness of the jewellery and the heavy outfit. This ensures that your face does not look flat and dull, especially in the photographs.

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