Can you think of an easier way to give yourself a makeover than switching up your hair colour with a few strategically placed highlights? Yep, neither can we! Adding highlights to your natural hair colour helps add a lot more dimension and movement to your hair, softens your features, enhances your complexion and transforms how you look overall.

And guess what? The natural black hair colour that Indians are blessed with makes for an amazing canvas for an array of highlighting options. From subtle options like browns, caramels and burgundy to reds, blues and soft pastels, no matter your choice of highlight colour, black hair can carry it all off with style!

Read on as we take you through some of the best inspirations for black hair with highlights. Bookmark these ideas and take them with you for your next hair appointment to get yourself an amazing makeover!


1. Platinum highlights

Platinum highlights

Image courtesy: @ashleywhitt.88 

If you are someone who loves to experiment with edgy styles and unique hair colours, then these platinum highlights on black hair will really win you over! This is a great way to give yourself a drastic makeover and try something new at the same time. Maintain a good balance of highlights and lowlights set against your black hair for a really cool look.


2. Ombré blonde highlights

Ombré blonde highlights

Image courtesy: @ruivasblumenau

Blonde highlights all through the hair can sometimes look a little too stark on black hair, and hence it is completely understandable if you have stayed away from it. But ombré blonde highlights beautifully transition from your natural dark hair colour to blonde towards the ends. The best part? This is a great hair colour to brighten up your complexion too!


3. Purple highlights

Purple highlights

Image courtesy: @bestyle_salon

Purple makes for another super trendy black hair highlight colour that you must consider. Purple highlights look amazing on all Indian skin tones and help you look really fresh. Additionally, if you are someone who doesn’t really want to bleach your hair, purple highlights pop really well on naturally black hair, thereby preventing the need to bleach your hair beforehand.


4. Copper highlights

Copper highlights

Image courtesy: @room97creative

Want to give the usual browns and blondes a miss, but don’t want something too experimental like purple either? We get it! Copper highlights are the answer you’ve been looking for, as it is the perfect combination of subtle and unique. Copper highlights coupled with some warm brown and golden highlights add a lot of dimension to your hair. Plus copper highlights look really chic and sophisticated on black hair.


5. Brown balayage highlights

Brown balayage highlights

Image courtesy: @qiusalon

If you are scared of getting cool-toned colours or are unsure of how they will look on you, then balayage highlights will work well for you. Since they transition from your natural hair colour at the crown to cooler colours towards the ends, it doesn’t end up looking too stark. These golden-brown balayage highlights also reflect light really well, and help brighten up your face and make you look really fresh! Additionally, since balayage hair highlights start from your mid-lengths, your roots are always safe from damage.


6. Caramel highlights

Caramel highlights

Image courtesy: @eduardoshair

If you are looking for fun, summery highlights on black hair, then caramel is the answer. Caramel highlights create a beautiful contrast on black hair, which reflects light and brightens up a dull looking complexion. It also works to add oodles of dimension to your hair, which will then make it appear a lot more voluminous.


7. Natural highlights

Natural highlights

Image courtesy: @_amrita_angele

If you don't want to go for stark colours and are looking for something subtle then this natural brown colour is the perfect choice for you. The dark brown highlights and lowlights look really natural, and work beautifully with Indian skin tones. Although this colour may not be too visible indoors, it will shine beautifully under natural sunlight.


8. Red highlights

Red highlights

Image courtesy: @ramnaik_rn

If you want to get yourself an edgy, punk-rock makeover, but also one that screams power and confidence, then you can never go wrong with red! Red highlights that blend beautifully with your natural hair colour look really stunning and make your skin glow. But just like not all red lipsticks are the same, all red highlights aren’t the same, too. Ask your stylist to help you pick a red colour that would look good with your hair’s and skin’s undertones.


9. Burgundy highlights

Burgundy highlights

Image courtesy: @bayleypattersonhair

Burgundy is one hair colouring option that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. This is because the warm purple and red undertones of burgundy works like a charm on black hair. It adds the illusion of volume and depth to thin hair and makes your skin look fresh. Discuss with your hairstylist the number of highlights you want, because even three to four strategically placed burgundy highlights can oomph up your hair.


How to care for coloured hair

How to care for coloured hair

i) Use SLS-free shampoo and conditioner

SLS is an artificial detergent that creates the foaming effect each time you wash your hair. This ingredient in your shampoos and conditioners is really stripping on your strands and washes away your hair colour really quickly.

ii) Use lukewarm water

Hot water opens up your hair cuticles, which makes the colour of your highlights wash out really quickly. It also makes your hair appear really dull and frizzy. Instead, wash your hair with lukewarm water followed by a cold-water rinse as the last step to cleanse your scalp and close the cuticle to prevent the colour from fading.

iii) Avoid frequent hair washes –

Frequent hair washes strip your hair not just off the natural oils that keep it looking healthy and moisturised, but also your hair colour. Therefore, limit hair washing to just two to three times a week to ensure long-lasting highlights.

iv) Use leave-in products

Leave-in conditioners and serums with colour protecting ingredients work to prevent moisture loss in your hair. If your hair is properly conditioner and moisturised, your hair colour will remain intact that much longer.

v) Use heat-protectant sprays

Every time you use heat on colour-treated hair, you are stripping your hair of moisture and weakening the dye a little bit. To avoid this, apart from limiting the number of times you use heat on your hair, you must also use a heat protectant spray each and every time without fail. This will help to keep your hair moisturised and thereby maintain your highlights longer.


FAQs about black hair with highlights

FAQs about black hair with highlights

Image courtesy: @krystledsouza

Q. How do you keep dyed hair healthy?

A. Coloured hair can sometimes become really weak and brittle, if not cared for. But you can keep it healthy by washing your hair less often, indulging in deep conditioning treatments, using professional products, avoiding heat tools and taking your supplements.

Q. How long do highlights last on black hair?

A. Highlights usually last for about six to eight weeks for most people. But it also depends on your lifestyle, how often you wash and style your hair, the kind of hair care products you use, etc. But since your hair grows about ½ an inch a month, in about two months, your natural hair will start showing through the roots in about two months’ time.

Q. Can you highlight dyed black hair?

A. It can be a little difficult to highlight dyed black hair immediately because the pigments are still heavily deposited on your hair shaft. If you bleach your hair and highlight them at this point, it could lead to a lot of damage. Therefore, it is best to allow your hair to rest for about two weeks before going for highlights after having dyed it black.

Main image courtesy: @happyinthehead