Bouncy Hair After Hair Smoothening Treatment: Top 5 Steps

Written by Lopa KApr 24, 2023

Are you not happy with the way your hair is looking even after a hair smoothening treatment at the salon? Want to know how to get bouncy hair after smoothening? We got you. That feeling of walking out of the house with thick, flawless and shiny hair is something else. And today, we’re teaching you how to maintain that natural bounce without ruining the smoothening result. Yup. Scroll down for an easy-peasy step-by-step routine. 

Get Bouncy Hair After Hair Smoothening Treatment: The Basics  

Hair smoothening is a little bit different than hair straightening or hair bonding treatment. Instead of poker-straight hair, it gives a natural finish to your tresses. In return, you don’t have to fight with frizz, flyaways and knots on a daily basis. It also adds protein to the strands and seals the cuticles which may be your answer to dry and split-ended hair. But following that, the hair after smoothening can sometimes fall limp and flat.  

But fret not, hair care after smoothening is not too complicated and mostly follows your usual routine. So, to ensure you always flaunt thick, bouncy tresses all day every day, we have mapped out a simple and easy hair care routine that will have everyone asking ‘What’s the secret?’ 

5 Simple Steps to Bouncy Hair After Hair Smoothening Treatment 

Nourish your hair with oil treatment

Since hair smoothening requires chemicals and using a flat iron, the hair after smoothening can lose some moisture. However, the old wives' tale of oiling your hair to make it thicker and longer actually works to bring back life and shine to your hair and keep it smooth — you just need to pick the right oil. Coconut, argan, castor oil, almond oil and jojoba oil are some of the best hair oils out there. If you can't pick an oil, you can get it all in the form of the Indulekha Bringha Ayurvedic Oil. Yep, this clinically-approved oil uses pure forms of herbs like bringharaj, amla and coconut oil to moisturise and strengthen your hair on a cellular level. Using it as frequently as thrice a week can increase the volume and add shine in just four months! 

Massage the oil to your scalp and hair with its inbuilt comb applicator for a few minutes. Then, take a hot towel and wrap it around your hair. Doing so will ensure that the oil penetrates deeper into the hair shaft and nourishes your strands thoroughly. Let the oil stay for about half an hour and then rinse it off. 

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Picking the perfect shampoo and conditioner is the easiest way on how to get bouncy hair after smoothening. After your oiling session, opt for a volume-enhancing shampoo like the TRESemmé Thick and Full Shampoo to wash off the oil. Made with the goodness of biotin and wheat protein, this shampoo prevents hair breakage and strengthens it from the roots to give you thicker and fuller hair. Follow it up with the TRESemmé Thick and Full Conditioner to ensure your tresses remain smooth, tangle and frizz-free. Like its shampoo counterpart, it has biotin and wheat protein to bring back the lost hair protein which is needed to increase the volume of your hair and leave it bouncy.

Use a hair mask

Your hair is made up of three basic components - medulla, cortex and cuticle. The medulla is near the centre of your hair, and it is surrounded by the cortex. The cuticle of a human hair strand is the outermost portion that covers the cortex. A cuticle is a layer of hair cells that form a protective wall around the cortex and medulla to protect the hair. If your cuticle is damaged say from frequent chemical treatments like hair smoothening, it causes split ends, breakage due to damage on the inner portion and roughness at the ends. 

Hence, it is important to use hair masks that provide your hair with nourishment. Hair masks are designed to detangle the hair, minimise frizz, decrease friction and provide nutrients. Smaller molecules that reach the inner surface of the hair give your hair a boost of shine, making it thick and strong from within. Use a hair mask like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask to get maximum benefit. The formula is enriched with keratin and marula oil to give you the softest hair. Using it once a week smoothens your hair which is an added bonus. Apply it from mid-length to ends and keep it for three to five minutes and then wash it off with water. 

Use a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair 

Towels can be aggressive for your hair. Use an old cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead. The material is much more gentle on your chemically-treated tresses. Just wrap it around your hair as you would wrap a towel and let the T-shirt soak in the water. Ensure you don’t keep it wrapped on your head for more than 10 minutes. This is enough time for all the excess water to wring out. If you keep cloth wrapped around your hair for too long, it restricts air from going through and drying your hair. 

Apply hair serum

The final step to maintaining bouncier, softer and shiny hair is using a hair serum. What it does is ensure that your hair keeps getting nourishment even after you’re done with your essential hair care. Use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum on mid-lengths to the tips of your hair to seal the deal and keep your hair knot-free and shiny. This is formulated with camellia oil and instantly takes care of frizz and dullness. Don’t limit serums to only hair spa days, use them after every hair washes for salon-like shiny hair.  

FAQs about Get Bouncy Hair After Hair Smoothening Treatment 

Q1. Should I comb my hair after hair smoothening?  

After three days of the treatment, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle it. Widely-spaced combs are perfect for detangling your tresses. They do not tug on your hair and get rid of the tangles with ease. The key is to always be gentle and patient. If you want to style detangled hair, you can also use a brush

Q2. How to tie hair after smoothening? 

When you do the hair smoothening treatment, it breaks your hair bonds which are responsible for the shape of your hair and rebonds them to get a smoother and straighter look. So, after the treatment, your hair is at a very delicate stage. If you tie it, there will be a dent where the band touches your hair. Wait for three days and then loosely tie your hair or use a clip to keep it in place. Avoid tight and fancy braids and buns to maintain smoothness for a longer time period. 

Q3. When should I wash my hair after hair smoothening? 

When you smoothen your hair, for the first three days you should not touch it. This means no oiling, washing or combing. Stay away from heat-styling tools and air dry your hair if it gets wet. But after three days, you can go ahead with the hair care which includes oiling, shampooing, using hair masks and serums. 

And there you have it! While hair smoothening is a quick and easy way to smoothen your hair for a big event and make it look flawless, maintaining it can be a chore. However, with a good routine in place, you won’t have to worry about any long-term damages while sporting thick and bouncy locks every day!