The Basic Types Of Comb And Hair Brush You Need

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
The Basic Types Of Comb and Hair Brush You Need
Let’s face it! A bad hair day can ruin your mood quicker than you can say ‘oh no!’ And what do you reach out for when you are having one of these bad days? A comb! Any beauty-junkie worth her salt will know the importance of her beauty tools. Just as you would not use a powder brush to apply eyeshadow, you need to know what comb/brush to use, and when. The right comb and hair brush can elevate your look or tame it down, whatever the situation demands.

So, what trusty combs and brushes should you have in your wardrobe? Scroll down to find out the basic hair tools you need to have, to give your hair that extra little help.

What happens when you brush your hair regularly?

The most obvious benefit is that it keeps your hair detangled and this helps in regulating breakage.

Combing stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow. This in turn increases the supply of oxygen and micro-nutrients to the scalp that promotes healthier hair.

Combing also stimulates the oil glands in the scalp to produce sebum, which maintains the pH balance of the scalp, and coats the hair shaft to keep it moisturised.

Brushing hair also exfoliates the scalp, which keeps the pores unclogged and removes dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp.

Now that we have impressed the benefits of brushing your hair regularly, let us now tell you of a few heroes in the brush-world that you need to have on your beauty shelf.

The ‘mane’ brushes and combs are

The wide-tooth comb

Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

This should be the order of the products on your bathroom shelf. Shampoo, conditioner and a wide tooth comb. It helps you distribute conditioner evenly through the lengths of your hair and detangle it. They are suitable for all hair types.


Large round barrel brush

Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

Want big, bouncy blow-outs? A large barrel brush is the answer. Preferably get one with a ceramic barrel, and use it while drying your hair with a hair dryer. This takes care of the frizzy hair, while still giving you loads of volume.


Paddle brush

Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

This is a flat, rectangular-faced brush that has bristles coming out of a soft pad. This is the perfect tool for straightening hair. Dry your hair while running the strands through the paddle brush for sleek lengths.


Boar bristle brush

Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

These are brushes which have bristles that are designed to evenly distribute the sebum from the roots to all over the lengths of the hair shaft. Or, you could even get a brush with all-natural bristles that work similarly.


Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

Fine tooth comb with sharp tail

You know the kind we are talking about, right? The fine tooth comb allows you to style your braids and fringes and also back-comb to create volume. The sharp tip at the back allows you to section your hair, giving you the freedom to style.

So here you are, the basic types of brushes you should have in your repertoire, and remember, just as you would not apply makeup with dirty brushes, keeping your hair combs and brushes clean is just as important. So, wash your hair tools regularly with a mild shampoo. Happy hair days, girls!

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