Having a bad hair day? Fret not for they happen to even the best of us!

They often leave us wondering if only we could just look decent enough.

Hairstyling options tend to get limited when you’re having a bad hair day, making the problem even worse!

But that doesn’t really mean that you have to stay hidden in your house all day and not step out.

Before you reach out for a hair band though, we suggest that you read through this article!

Here are four hairstyling hacks you can try out on a bad hair day that’ll have everyone wondering if you’re really having a bad one at all.


#1 A Messy Updo

A Messy Updo

Go for a messy updo if you have freshly washed hair that seems to have gone awry. A messy bun requires almost zero effort and skill and still manages to make you look stunning enough.

Here is how you can create a messy updo:

●     Gather all your hair together and create a high bun like you usually would.

●     Take out a few hair strands from the front region and above your ears to give yourself a bit of a messy look.

●     Secure your hair with a hair setting spray


#2 The Double Ponytail

The Double Ponytail

A double ponytail can come to act as your savior on any given bad hair day. Not only does it add volume to your ponytail, but it also makes you look uber chic.

Here is how you can make a double ponytail:

●     Gather the hair above both your ears and make a half-ponytail. Tie it up with a black elastic hair band.

●     Form a second ponytail using the bottom section of the remaining hair. Secure the second ponytail directly below the base of the first so that it stays hidden


#3 A Classic Low Bun

A Classic Low Bun

If your hair is super greasy and you don’t have the time to wash it, go for a classic low bun. It gives a very elegant look to your hair without revealing the greasy parts.

Here is how you can create a low bun:

●     Comb your hair back into a sleek low ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie.

●     Create a partition above where you’ve tied your hair tie and slip your ponytail through it.

●     Next, make a bun and secure the rest of the hair with bobby pins


#4 A Sleek French Braid

A Sleek French Braid

French braids, perhaps, are one of our personal favorites. If you have a frizzy mane, going for a French braid will help keep your hair in place, without having them look like a mess.

Here is how to braid your hair in under four minutes:

●       Grab a large section of your hair from the top-center of your head and separate it into three parts.

●       Begin with a traditional braid in a ‘right over center, left over center’ pattern and start bringing in other sections of your hair from the side into the braid.

●       Keep doing so until you reach the nape region and then, continue with a traditional 3-section braid till the end. Secure any hair that is left open with bobby pins