10 Celeb-Inspired Maang Tikka Hairstyles You Can Copy This Wedding Season

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
10 celeb-inspired maang tikka hairstyles you can copy this wedding season

Traditionally maang tikkas were part of bridal jewellery. But with so many new and gorgeous options available in the market, this hair accessory can be worn by anyone during festivals and weddings without looking OTT. Maang tikkas are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of the most common ones are chand tikka, borla, single string, multiple string, matha patti and more. Wedding shopping has become all the more complicated because of so many options. If that wasn’t enough, choosing the perfect hairstyle to go with this hair accessory is also important. Therefore, we have collated a list of 10 maang tikka hairstyles worn by some of your favourite celebrities. Take inspiration from these hairstyles and look drop-dead gorgeous this wedding season.

Before moving on to that how about we first help you buy the perfect maang tikka for your face shape? That’s right, your face shape should also be taken into consideration while buying a maang tikka. Below is a guide to help you with just that.

  1. Oval face shape: Versatile face shape that can pull off all types of maang tikkas like a pendant, borla, jhoomar or multi-strand matha patti.
  2. Round face shape: Avoid large maang tikkas and opt for trinkets and borla.
  3. Square face shape: Pick a chunky maang tikka or passa to soften your sharp features.
  4. Heart face shape: Delicate multi strand matha patti and maang tikkas are for you.
  5. Oblong face shape: Broad, chunky matha patti and maang tikkas will add width to your face.

1. Maang tikka with puff hairstyle

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @realhinakhan

Hina Khan’s pink and gold medium-sized maang tikka goes perfectly well with her gorgeous outfit. Puff hairstyle is often considered to be the best with maang tikka as it helps keep the accessory in place. To get this maang tikka hairstyle, all you have to do is part your hair at the centre, then pick sections of hair from both sides and backcomb it to add height. Spritz some hair spray to keep the hair in place. Take both sections and secure at the back, place your maang tikka to complete the look.


2. Matha patti with sleek ponytail

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @aditiraohydari

Those with short hair and round faces like Aditi Rao Hydari’s can opt for this maang tikka hairstyle. The accessory comes with a matha patti attached to the maang tikka to frame the face and give a traditional touch. If you are a modern bride, opt for a traditional yet trendy accessory like Aditi’s to look stylish. Don’t worry if your hair is short, pair it with a sleek low ponytail and no one will notice the length of your hair. Spray some shine spray on your hair then part it at the centre. Gather hair at the nape of your neck and secure with a hair tie. Place maang tikka and matha patti correctly and secure.


3. Delicate maang tikka with wavy hair

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @jahnvikapoor

Jahnvi Kapoor’s pastel outfit, minimal makeup and delicate maang tikka is giving us major bridesmaid goals. We love how the hair accessory perfectly complements the wavy voluminous hair. If simple and minimalistic is your style, this is the perfect maang tikka hairstyle for you. Start by creating a wavy hairstyle using a curling wand, don’t make it too tight or you will end up with spring curls. Once your hair looks wavy and voluminous, take two sections of hair from the front and secure at the back. Put on the maang tikka and you’re ready to go!


4. Double strand maang tikka for open hair

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

If you’ve got gorgeous long locks like Alia Bhatt, here’s the perfect maang tikka hairstyle to flaunt it. This double strand maang tikka looks particularly gorgeous on the actress' round face. The pearl detail gives the maang tikka a delicate look, therefore making it suitable for every occasion. No matter what your hair length, this one will suit all of them. Straighten your hair, backcomb to give your hair a puffed look or add texture to elevate the hairstyle. Secure your maang tikka with a bobby pin to keep it in place.


5. Big maang tikka with sleek low bun

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @imounyroy

Those with sharp features like Mouni Roy’s can keep the focus on their face with this maang tikka hairstyle. A sleek low bun and big maang tikka is a match made in heaven, Mouni proves it right in this picture. No matter what your hair length, this hairstyle is perfect for everyone. Apply a lot of hair gel to get the wet hair look. Then part your hair and form a low sleek bun and secure with bobby pins. Lastly, place the maang tikka at the centre of your forehead and secure it in place.


6. Golden maang tikka with braid

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @therealkarismakapoor

Karisma Kapoor is serving major Punjabi kudi vibes in this golden maang tikka with a braided hairstyle. If you are wearing a traditional outfit, this hairstyle is sure to add a touch of glamour to the look. You can create a simple centre-parted three-strand braid or a loose and messy braid. Adding tiny braids on the crown area will further add a traditional touch to the look. To achieve this maang tikka hairstyle, start by parting your hair in the middle, then take two small sections of hair on each side and braid them. Secure at the back and braid the rest of your hair tightly. Wear the maang tikka where you parted your hair.


7. Traditional maang tikka with gajra bun

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @sonamkapoor

We trust style queen Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to only bring the best of everything. So when looking for maang tikka hairstyles how can we miss out on looking into the actress’s look book? Going completely traditional with her look, she chose to pair her maang tikka with a gajra bun. Tie your hair into a sleek low bun parted at the centre. Then cover the bun with a few gajras and secure with bobby pins. Then put on your maang tikka to get this look. When wearing a maang tikka try to keep your makeup simple to balance out the look.


8. Diamond maang tikka with braid

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @ananyapanday

Small pendant maang tikkas look simple and elegant. You can go for delicate tikkas with colourful diamonds that match your outfit or pick something sophisticated and gorgeous like Ananya Panday’s. You can choose to keep your hair straight, add waves or create curls. This maang tikka hairstyle will go with every hair length and type. We love how she chose to skip earrings and necklace to keep the look really simple. To get the look, braid your hair on one side and secure behind the ear with a few bobby pins. Place your maang tikka at the centre.


9. Maang tikka with sleek bun and roses

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Image courtesy: @yamigautam

There are so many different ways to style your hair during the wedding season. Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, this maang tikka hairstyle is perfect for both. Yami Gautam has tucked in a few roses in her sleek bun to make it look more gorgeous and we are impressed. If you too want to take your maang tikka hairstyle a notch higher, add some flowers to your look. With a big maang tikka like Yami's, keep the makeup soft and simple.


10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

10. Maang tikka and Passa with bun

Traditionally worn by Muslim brides, passa is increasingly becoming a common wedding hair accessory worn by brides of other faiths too. In fact, celebrities like Mira Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan chose to wear this gorgeous accessory on their wedding day. Take inspiration from Anushka's look and wear it by itself minus the maang tikka or pair it with a slightly small one to balance out the look. Passa doesn't go well with open hair, allow it to be visible by tying your hair into a braid or low bun. Make sure the dupatta is placed in a way that the passa is easily visible. There are different sizes and types of passas available in the market. Choose one that goes best with your attire.

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