As we prepare to step into yet another month of quarantine and social distancing, there is a weird sense of calm. Most of you have already adapted to the lifestyle by finding ways to keep yourself busy. One of them also happens to be something no woman will ever complain about… elaborate DIY skincare and wellness routines to carry out at the comfort of your home!

Buckle up cuz’ we’ve found yet another at-home treatment that pays attention to one of the most neglected parts of your body... the foot. Foot detox is a process where you can give your body a toxin cleanse through the soles of your feet. Not only does it suck out nasty toxins from your system, but also deeply nourishes and moisturises your feet.


What are the benefits of a foot detox?

What are the benefits of a foot detox?

Apart from the obvious benefit of soft and supple skin, there are significant health benefits to a foot detox session as well:

  • Foot soaks, and masks are a relaxing treatment that relieves stress and liven up your mood.
  • Foot detox gives you soft and moisturised feet and keeps cracked heels and dry skin at bay.
  • They can remove harmful toxins like metal and tobacco from your system through your feet.
  • A deep detox has been proven to boost immunity and thus, making it a good use of your time during a global pandemic.
  • Foot detoxes can help relieve sore muscles from working out or carrying out household chores.

Whether you have access to a soaking basin or not, there are some easy ways to DIY your foot detox. Some of our favourite recipes for a relaxing treatment for your feet lay ahead.


Charcoal foot mask

Charcoal foot mask - Food detox at home

The chances are that you already have a charcoal mask in your beauty cabinet; they are known to do wonders for removing impurities from the skin. If not, you can easily create your own. Just mix some activated charcoal powder with milk cream. Apply on the soles of your feet, let it dry and scrub off.


Bentonite clay foot mask

Bentonite clay foot mask- Food detox at home

Bentonite clay has been used to detox skin and scalp for a long time. For your feet, mix it with apple cider vinegar and water to make a thick paste. Apply on the bottom of your feet, let it dry and scrub off. They are also great for exfoliation and relieving dry, flaky skin under your feet.


Epsom salt soak

Epsom salt soak - Food detox at home

A relaxing foot soak will be nothing without salts in them! To soothe your tired and overworked feet, mix some Epsom sea salt in a tub of water and soak. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in this soak.


Foot detox pads

Foot detox pads - Food detox at home

A foot detox pad can both be DIY-ed and purchased online. For your at-home purposes, soak a piece of muslin cloth in any one of the mixtures mentioned above. Wrap this cloth around your feet and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse to get rid of any residue.

Pro tip: Always follow your foot detox session with a massage. You can use a creamy formula like the Dove DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort Cream. As the name suggests, the cream will leave your feet feeling as soft as cashmere. Cover your feet with socks to let your cream absorb better.