A girl can never have enough makeup tips. With so many makeup trends, products and techniques popping up every single day, you’re obviously on the lookout for pro makeup tips to help you keep your makeup game on fleek.

We know it (‘cause we are no different) and to satiate your beauty needs, we asked our Insta fam to drop us some of their makeup queries and roped in an expert to answer them all.

Simran Shah (simua_996 on Instagram) is a celebrity hair and makeup artist who has worked her magic on some of your favourite Bollywood divas and influencers. Keep scrolling to read some awesome tips and tricks shared by her. 

celebrity makeup artist simran shah answers makeup queries

1. I get dry patches after applying foundation. What can I do to avoid it? 

Before applying your foundation, use a moisturiser and a primer on your face. Pick a moisturiser that’s extremely hydrating but not sticky. After you’re done with your makeup look, use a good, hydrating setting spray.

2. Tell us some makeup tips for dry skin. 

A good moisturiser can set your base really well. Avoid powder-based products as they can make your skin look flaky and the makeup very obvious. Rather, use cream products.

celebrity makeup artist simran shah answers makeup queries

3. What are some best lipstick shades for dusky skin? 

Go with lipstick shades with earthy tones. I think nude lipsticks with pink and brown tones work best for dusky girls. 

4. Any tip to work with neon colours in makeup without making it look too OTT?

Remember that less is more. You can use the neon colour in the inner corner of your eyes or do a graphic eyeliner look or a simple neon liner. Also, keep it subtle and go easy on the lip colour. 

5. How to apply foundation so it doesn't look cakey? 

Use a foundation shade similar to your skin tone. It makes the base look natural. Don’t use a lot of product; just one or two pump would suffice for a seamless finish.

celebrity makeup artist simran shah answers makeup queries

6. How can I hide peach fuzz and tiny facial hair with makeup? 

There’s no way to hide facial hair with makeup.

7. Tips to achieve the Korean glass skin.

Drink lots of water and you can add mint leaves and lemon to it. Apart from that, use a hydrating and non-sticky moisturiser.

To create glass-like skin with makeup, use a cream based highlighter or a clear lip balm on your face to create the glass-like effect.

celebrity makeup artist simran shah answers makeup queries

8. How to pick a foundation shade for your skin tone? 

When you are going foundation shopping, don’t go with makeup on. Match the shades with your skin tone;  don’t pick a lighter or darker shade than your skin tone. Also, check it in natural light rather than in-store lights.

9. Is there a way to cover up large pores with makeup?

Yes. Use ice on your face half an hour before wearing makeup. Use a pore-minimizer and prep your skin for primer and moisturiser.

celebrity makeup artist simran shah answers makeup queries

10. Blush tips for oily skin so it doesn't fade away. 

Make a powder blush your go-to.

11. Which is better to set your makeup—setting spray or setting powder? 

I suggest you try and see what works for your skin. There are setting sprays for dry skin as well as oily skin. There are dewy setting sprays as well matte setting sprays. So what you can do is buy the mini products available in the market, try them and use what works for you.

12. How to apply highlighter for a natural look?

Use a very small amount of highlighter on the high points of your face like the bridge of the nose, chin, cupid’s bow and temples. 

Image courtesy: Instagram