We’ve been drooling over Parineeti Chopra and Bhumi Pednekar’s oh-so gorgeous makeup looks for a while now, to the extent that we’ve started bookmarking them!

That’s what most of you do, right? Bookmark your favourite celebrity’s makeup looks to copy them later? But you rarely know who is responsible for creating them.

Well, we do! That’s why we got in touch with celebrity makeup artist Mitali Vakil. One of Bollywood’s most sought-after makeup artists, Mitali is known for creating edgy, experimental and gorgeous looks on some of the most popular celebrity faces including Bhumi Pednekar, Parineeti Chopra, Mallika Dua and Sonam Kapoor. 

Here’s the inside scoop we got from her…

celebrity makeup artist mitali vakil

BB: How would you describe your signature makeup look?

MV: Smokey eyes and lots of mascara with a nude lip.

BB: What is Bhumi Pednekar's go-to makeup style?

MV: Bhumi’s got the most gorgeous pair of eyes and she loves to accentuate them. So, whatever the look is, we make sure to play up the eyes! Sometimes we go bold, sometimes we keep it very easy and luminous. It totally depends on what we are working on.

BB: What are your go-to makeup products when doing Bhumi's makeup?

MV: Some great eyeshadow palettes for sure. She loves mascara, so a volumising mascara and a brown kajal are all it takes to get the job done.

celebrity makeup artist mitali vakil

BB: Bhumi prefers bold lips or bold eyes?

MV: Bold eyes, always!

BB: Out of all of the celebrity clients you have worked with who would you say is always ready to try bold makeup looks?

MV: Sonam Kapoor! I have had the pleasure of creating some of the most experimental looks on her. I would also like to add Mallika Dua to the list. I use her face as my personal canvas and she’s more than happy to go along.

BB: Who is your celebrity muse and why?

MV: My celebrity muse at present is Parineeti Chopra. She has flawless skin and I need to think of innovative ways to use less and less makeup on her face while still keeping the glam factor high, it’s such a fun challenge that it always excites me.

celebrity makeup artist mitali vakil

BB: Can you decode one of your favourite celebrity makeup looks that you have created?

MV: I recently created an eye look on Parineeti that turned out so good. It was this really sexy smokey eye with some glitter. To create the look, I used chunky glitter and lots of kajal. We did a light base using luminous foundation, a little concealer and then contoured the face. I also put on lots of mascara, curled the lashes and left the lips naturally nude.

This look was special to me because Parineeti trusted me and went along with something she was reluctant about at first; it meant a lot to me!

BB: Lastly, what does beauty mean to you?

MV: Beauty is that tool that gives you confidence. It’s like alcohol without the nasty hangover. When you put on makeup, it makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Find the feature you like most and accentuate it!