2 Quick Hacks To Clean Your False Eyelashes The Right Way

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
2 quick hacks to clean your false eyelashes the right way

If you are someone who loves wearing falsies (read: can’t go a day without wearing them), then you would know how important it is to clean them. Mascara clumps and glue residue can make your falsies gunky, filthy and basically gross. Plus, it is not the healthiest to use dirty falsies as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can harm your eyes.

However, you CAN reuse them by cleaning them properly. You can get rid of the glue and lumpy mascara residue from your falsies, making them look brand new and extend their use.

Here are two false eyelash cleaning hacks we bet you didn’t know about. Try these and never wear a gunky eyelash ever again.


Hack #01: Use tweezers to remove the glue

Hack #02: Put the falsies in a cleaning mixture

Take a pair of tweezers and clamp the open ends to the lash band where the glue sits. Remove the glue by gently peeling it off with the tweezers. Once you get the chunks of glue off, take a clean mascara wand and run it on the band to get rid of any leftover glue residue.


Hack #02: Put the falsies in a cleaning mixture

Hack #02: Put the falsies in a cleaning mixture

Take some micellar water in a bowl and soak your eyelashes in it for 15 minutes. The dirt, glue and product build-up will loosen up. Take a cotton swab and remove the dirt. Take them out, dab on a paper towel and let them dry. There, good as new!

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