8 Beauty Essentials For College

Written by Team BBJun 22, 2017
8 beauty essentials for college
Before college re-opens, you’ve set your mind to getting all your books ready and having your entire look, beauty and wardrobe, on point. And perhaps for a month or two, if you’re lucky enough, this will all go according to your timetable. But honestly speaking, when you’re always running across the campus to make it in time for classes or caught in a sudden downpour, all these seemingly glam plans can go out the window. That’s why you’ve always got to have a little vanity kit that has your back. Here’s a list of all the beauty essentials and makeup products that’ll come to your rescue on the worst of days...

Vaseline intensive care deep restore spray moisturiser

No matter what age you are, radiant skin is always makes for a great accessory. And this is true especially for college when your skin might, very naturally, not behave as well as you want it to. Keep it moisturised and sun protected with the Lakmé 9 to 5 CC Cream. Given the fact that it also offers max coverage for all those hours you spent window shopping or idling outdoors, we think this makeup product an absolute must-have.

Snag a popping pout

When you’re late for class, which is basically 4 out of 6 days, and are rushing out the door wearing a jumper and jeans, reach for any shade from the Lakmé Enrich Lip Crayon range. Whether a pink, purple, orange or red, it’s the much-needed pop of colour that’ll keep you from scoring a perfect-10 on the drab scale. Plus, given that they’re the perfect stationery size and can fit snug into your jeans pocket, it’s almost as if they were meant for college.

Stay fresh

No one likes that girl with BO and everyone talks about her behind her back. If you’re the sporty kind of lass (or even if you’re not) who likes to get in a sweaty sesh of volleyball during the break or when you have a lecture off, the Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant is the 48-hour protection shield you need to keep in your handbag. And even if you aren’t slugging it out on some field, zero BO and smelling great all the time never hurt anyone!

Make your hair sleek

If you’ve taken the time to style your hair before college, especially if it’s one of those fresher’s days or sari days or teacher’s day, make sure it stays that way with a little quick fix. Just a few drops of the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum should do that for you. It’s anti-frizz formula is so effective that it clamps down flyaways and even ups the shine so that your hair looks the way you intended it to all day long.

Get gorgeous eyes

Irrespective of what eye makeup look you want to wear for a big or small occasion, one thing that should stay with you at all times is the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal in Black. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof and can last for up to 12 hours, so it’ll be your most reliable makeup companion when you’ve got a long day looming with lectures, assignments and then, in true college style, a party!

Vaseline intensive care deep restore spray moisturiser

Keep your skin hydrated

When you’re busy focusing on your face, don’t forget the skin on your body; you’re going to need it to look healthy when you decide to pull out all the stops in your little LBD at the upcoming college party/prom/evening out. Do a little work everyday by giving your skin a big dose of moisturisation with a few spritzes of the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Spray Moisturiser . It’s quick quickly absorbing and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue which makes is so perfect for sweaty summers or humid monsoons.

Protect from germs

Bunking college to while away your time is totally legit and feels so good. But having to forcefully stay at home because you caught a bug? Not so much! Whether you have access to running tap water or not, make it a habit to sanitize your hands whenever necessary. You’ll always find the Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer in our bag because not only does it have germ protection but also Vitamin E that moisturises our palms and doesn’t leave ’em feeling dry. Perfect post the lab session or vada-pav breaks!

Get healthy lips

If you’re in the habit of carrying around a lip balm, trust none other than the Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care. It’s got a moisturising core and tinted outer layer which implies colour and care. For busy days when you need just a hint of colour and nothing too OTT, this makes perfect sense.

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