Little Additions To Your Beauty Bag That Will Make Life Hella Easier

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Little additions to your beauty bag that will make life hella easier
It is all about the little details. Little tools in your makeup bag can make life so much easier. If you are reading this and are a makeup junkie, you know what we are talking about.

So here goes, this is our list of little beauty add-ons that make life hella easier.

Cotton rounds

Blotting sheets

For applying toner and removing makeup, you need a good stack of these in your beauty bag. Opt for fragrance-free ones, as the perfume they add might not be suitable to your skin.



Blotting sheets

To tweeze out that one hair that has cropped up overnight to applying your false lashes, you need a good pair of tweezers in you kit.


Makeup sharpener

Blotting sheets

Eye pencil, lip liner or even chubby lipsticks, a sharp point on your pencils will give you a better definition and finish. Carry one that is meant for the smaller diameter pencils and one for the chubbier pencils.


Cotton buds

Blotting sheets

Dip the cotton buds in makeup remover solution and clean up your winged eye liner. You can also use this trick to wipe away any fallout from your eye makeup that’s fallen on to your cheeks. Use the cotton bud to clean-up the outline of your lipstick.


Hand palette

Blotting sheets

If you are the kind who mixes foundations or lip colours on the back of your hand just to get the right shade that you love so much, you need one of these. It is a palette, much like an artist (who says you aren’t one?) would use to mix colours. You could also use this to get gel liners and eyebrow pomades out of the jar and mix it with a brush before you apply it.


Beauty blender or silicon sponge

Blotting sheets

You can always use your fingers to blend products, but chances are you will get a better, sir-brushed finish with one of these. Just dampen the blender and use tapping motions to blend liquid and cream-based makeup products like foundation, concealer and contour.


Blotting sheets

Blotting sheets

When you suddenly run into an oily t-zone or you have oily skin, you can use these blotting sheets to dab on the area and take care of the oiliness.

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