You know what’s it like: It's 7 a.m., you're snoozing until the last possible second and functioning without your cup of coffee is impossible. If you’re struggling to complete your morning beauty routine at the cost of a shower or breakfast then this story is for you. 

For all you sleepy-heads out there, we have curated a list of some practical yet life-altering hacks that will help you have the best of both worlds - more snooze time as well as looking great! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

These beauty hacks are extremely simple to follow and yet give amazing results. Get ready to look like you’ve spent hours in front of the mirror, thanks to these hacks... 

beauty hacks to cut time in morning

Style your hair in the night

Take a shower in the evening and do your hair before hitting the bed. For beachy waves, spray on some texturizing spray after your hair is almost dry. Then you can either tie your hair in a loose braid or top knot for beautiful, voluminous waves the next morning. The next morning, simply finger-combing your hair will make them look perfectly styled. 

beauty hacks to cut time in morning

Tie your hair in a chic chignon

If you are running extremely late and need to style your hair in a jiffy, then here’s a quick tip you are going to appreciate. Pull your mop of bed-head into a messy bun at the top of your head. Pull out a few strands for the chic effect. 

beauty hacks to cut time in morning

Use multi-tasking beauty products

Beauty products that perform double-duty are not only economical and space-saving but also help save a lot of time. Always keep a lip and cheek tint handy, a brown eyeliner pencil to line your eyes, fill your brows or even colour your lids.

beauty hacks to cut time in morning

Make friends with dry shampoo

If you still haven’t made dry shampoo a part of your hair styling routine, then please go and buy one today.  You will be surprised at how much time this one product will help you save. These babies not only cut the grease from your hair, but leave it thoroughly cleansed, moisturised and voluminous.

beauty hacks to cut time in morning

Keep an eyeliner stencil handy 

If drawing a cat-eye seems like one of the hardest and most time consuming things you do each morning, then simple make a stencil (or two) of the kind  of eyeliner shape you prefer and use that each morning. Hold it up against your eyes and get your eyeliner out of the way in less than a minute.